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Discussion Forum : General Topics : repenting from american pop culture music

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Good inside view followthelamb,

musicians and composers are touched by music on a much deeper
level than listeners of it. We can be immersed by it and understand
it on an almost 'atomic level'. I had months of composing one new
song a day, usually until 5 in the mornings, didnt need much sleep
anymore and went out on business at 7am. It's like a perma-high
that captures your soul after a while.

When I say 'catchy tune' i dont mean normal, "usual" harmonics,
composers usually already heard it all before and are in it
for that special touch of brilliance that comes out of nowhere
and suddenly materializes itself in front of them, and instantly
makes the hairs on your arms stand up. It's an extemely joyfull
experience to live inside an composition that has this touch of
creative brilliance, it's like creating your own universe from scratch.

Unfortunately self-declared Satanists are the ones that usually
write the the most catchy of these "monster-mega-hits"
and eventually reveal their source when they get a Grammy for it.
That's when it's time to realize not all brilliance is God given,
some of it is created by a powerful spirit on purpose to "subliminally
sear the conscience of multitudes." It's just like learning "gospel
christiany" under a 33rd mason. You are taught on a
subliminal level to accept the Masonic Christ when he appears .

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 Re: repenting from american pop culture music

Followthelamb,is giveing such Godly advice,..We thank God for that.

It is The 'grace' of God that brings repentance from things that The Lord wants to change in our life.,...that is not of Him,..And WHAT A BLESSING,..

In the beginning of my walk with God,He convicted me ,...He turned me away from worldly music.I had no more love for it at all.

'Grace',..God' enflence upon your heart ,drawing you to His Way.
(And what a blessing is upon you) He wants to save you from this way,
So I want to exhort you,not to neglect so great a salvation,...not to
recieve this 'grace' of God in vain. ( 2Cor.6:1)

--- for His Spirit will not strive always if we shun this grace.

Doesn't Satan have a counterfeit of everything that is good?..if not everything, then many.........

After God sent out Cain for killing his brother,Abel....with Cains descendants came boostings of killings,and music. (Gen.4:21) ...
Question: could this be where the ungodly music originated from ?

Then there is David,..he played upon his instruments to the glory of God.


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//No filler please,we need to put our best foot forward when it comes to music,we need to raise our standard,meet the challenge as we are representing this Great Great God we love....urs staff//

You nailed it.


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 Re: a new song

I had rhythm in my soul
My idols name was rock and roll
When all was ended
It took its toll
I cannot tell you
All it stole

It all began when just a teen
It showed me things I'd never seen
The music gave me such a thrill
Though I could never get my fill
I tried and tried but yet still
I'd always need another pill

My life was overflowing now
But to the Lord I would not bow
I loved the evil not the good
Darkness was the place I stood
I took every trip I could
To give this up I never would

Satisfaction guaranteed
Even if I had to bleed
Music had become my master
I was worshiping my stratocaster
As I traveled I went faster
Oblivious of soon disaster

Not thinking of impending doom
I retreated to my room
The voices spoke to me and then
I found myself inside the pen
I must escape but how and when
And I heard about being born again

The evil one also sang that tune
He'd sing of the dark side of the moon
I remembered it awhile back
These guys called the sabbath black
So it could not be the same
And I finally called upon His Name

He removed my guilt and shame
When all along I was to blame
Now my music is all new
I parted with the old and burned it too
This bird is free on eagles wings
His praises are all that my soul sings

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Followthelamb, you have a beautiful testimony. There's a lot of music I don't care for, that Im convicted from listening to. I don't listen to the same music of my childhood...I desire to listen to praise, but I do very much appreciate Keith Green and anything with a strong message about Jesus.

I agree there is definitely demonic music out there, but my heart goes out to the youth of our generation. So many are hungry for Jesus....even if I don't care for the worship style, I put them in the Lord's hands and trust that He will use it for His glory. He alone knows their hearts. I was very judgmental in the past, and Jesus convicted me of that.

I won't compromise the convictions I have, but if I see good fruit coming from a brother or sister who listens to music that is more upbeat than I'm comfortable with, and the music absolutely praises and glorifies Jesus, I can't tell them it's wrong. That is between them and Jesus. I know a young lady who is growing strong in the Lord, she has such a hunger, and she listens to worship that is more modern, but it is drawing her close to Jesus. She has good fruit in her life, she witnesses to others, and lives a holy life.

The hard screaming music...and seductive music....and anything that points away from Christ is definitely flawed, because it's chaotic and sensual. But that is just my conviction, and I respect and appreciate the convictions the Lord gives to each of us.

A pastor once said something that always stuck with me.....

"Anything we do, ask this question....does it draw you closer to know Jesus .....or does it pull you away from Him?"

 2017/8/1 20:54

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Sis Sherri :) you said: " heart goes out to the youth of our generation. So many are hungry for Jesus....even if I don't care for the worship style, I put them in the Lord's hands and trust that He will use it for His glory. He alone knows their hearts."


Sis Evangeline, God bless you too! :)

And Savannah, thank you for what you shared...the pop/ rock and roll / rap etc music of the world is literally like a drug for so many, leading into spiritual darkness. It was for me growing up, but

"Praise the LORD! (Hallelu Yah)...

The LORD gives freedom to the prisoners.
The LORD opens the eyes of the blind..." Psalm 146

Thank you Jesus, Son of God....Your presence is so much more wonderful and...beyond words...than anything in this world. Worthy is the Lamb Who left His glory and became flesh and was slain on Calvary to rise again...and by His precious Blood we are set free from the power of the enemy.

Greater is He Who is in us.

Goodnight everyone...

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 Re: repenting from american pop culture music


I see you posted this while we were gone so I did not read all the responses but feel like you need to know I appreciate your take on this issue.

When I consider God, the works of 'his hands' - how it reflects the beauty of its creator, I wonder why many professing Christians are attracted to the ugly racket moderns call music?

When I look at nature, God's artistry, I am filled with awe with his brilliance, skill, creativity. And the food he has made for us to eat, manipulate into tasty morsels via spices, herbs....amazing. But why does one draw the line at sound? Most folks love the sound of water falls - peaceful; or the sound of birds singing; or the quietness of a still morning - peaceful; or the lowing of cattle, livestock. Beautiful.

Much of modern music, art tells me its creators/compilers/composers have no clue of beauty in nature or sound, therefore are divorced from an understanding of who God is, what he did and still does. No concept of Him at all.

One time I asked a proponent of worldly music, "do you think it is beautiful?" He paused a while, then said, "but I like it." Never admitting it was not beautiful but implied it was not.

I have heard of people who have had visions of heaven and they talked about the music what was heard. They described it as soft and very beautiful. Would love go hear that...but do think Handel's Messiah must come close.

God bless you, Evangeline. Walking with God is an exciting journey, is it not?


Sandra Miller

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Love your testimony, Brandi. Others who have been involved in contemporary music have a testimony similar to yours. Dan Lucarini is one that comes to my mind - he wrote about it in, "Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement". Obviously, many folks do NOT like the book/message. (Dan spoke at one of our church conference meetings. He does not have any horns...)

Thanks for sharing.


Sandra Miller

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Hi All,
Think we are getting carried away somewhat.
Modern Pop music never stopped me accepting Christ.
The trouble with Contemporary Christian Music is that its a copy and for the most part of poorer quality to music made by non Christian producers.Contemprary Christian Music trys in vain to bring a worship message to the world.The world doesnt want to listen to worship songs about Christ.Why would they?
Music without lyrics are just symbols on a page that can be played in various ways,
Christan music has a crisis of identity.It doesnt know its function.Amazing grace very catchy,be thou my vision very catchy,etc .Catchyness is a great quality very desirable and beautiful music is catchy as well or it falls into the category of Not Remembered and Not Sung.Some of Amy Grants songs catchy and beautiful as I remember.
I can flick through the radio in the car and within a half a second recognise the Christian station because all the songs sound so similar,the same genre,same instruments etc
Are all non Christian Modern Pop Songs Satanic?No but many are and many are worldly ."The night they drove old dixie down" is a fantastic piece of Americana that tells of the Civil War from a dirt poor southern view point written by a Canadian .Satanic?No catchy? yeah musically tasteful? very
Also I would say but hard to prove if not impossible that music made from lyrics is open to spiritual influence than songs with lyrics made from music.
I dont like poor quality hymns from 100 years ago or 30 years ago or today,I dont like music I cant remember generally and that dont have a definite melody which i can hum.So if I hear a Christian song with a great message ,well produced and structured but the music isnt catchy or beautiful then I will end up only playing it once.
If I hear a Christian song with a great message and catchy or beautiful music I will play it many times and the message will be enforced.
Forget even about Christian music for a second.One radio station consistantly has politicians on debating in the morning and another plays soothing,beautiful catchy music and songs ,guess which one upsets me the most?Perhaps we should repent from listening to 100% news cycles all the time and we will be more at peace and less agitated,
Just some thoughts,
urs staff

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 (clip) When Darkness Entertains You by Shane Idleman

(clip) When Darkness Entertains You by Shane Idleman

 2017/8/19 14:28

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