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Discussion Forum : General Topics : repenting from american pop culture music

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 repenting from american pop culture music

I am very convicted of listening to american pop culture music. I am repenting from it and only just listening to gospel music and music that only glorify God.

I find this american pop culture music is so catchy songs and good to listen, and your mood is happily uplifted but looking the lyrics and music videos, it is a demonic filthy songs.

I think that God is not happy when I listen to this american pop culture music that came from the pit of Hell.

Mainstream music today is fully operated by Satan, and he is doing his best to cater people of great music sounds to make them busy and not think of what matters in life.

I am wondering too, because in the Bible, the Angels are worshipping God. There is no accurate verse in Scripture that Satan was the chief of music in Heaven, but if he was. Is Satan using his gifts in this fallen world by producing demonic filthy songs through famous singers nowadays?

What you think, Saints?

And, have a bless Monday to all of you! :)

 2017/7/30 22:17

Joined: 2005/6/6
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Campbell River, B.C.

 Re: repenting from american pop culture music

Evangeline, I would say you have made a good decision to follow the Lord's leading and stop listening to music that does not glorify God. I agree with you, music can be a distraction.
Music affects us on many levels, emotionally, spiritually and even physically.
May I suggest a few of the singers/groups I listen to? Keith Green is probably my favorite christian singer; I also like 2nd Chapter Of Acts, John Fischer and Phil Keaggy. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and Times Square Church put out beautiful worship music as well.

Nigel Holland

 2017/7/30 23:01Profile

 To Brother Nigel

Brother Nigel, thank you for your insight, I will check those christian music you suggested...

 2017/7/31 0:17

Joined: 2008/5/3
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 Re: To Brother Nigel

Well American culture is dominated by occultism, it's not
just pop music, It's in most movies, heavy dominance of the
supernatural and occult, just like in pop lyrics.
The difference between a UK or German music concert
critic and a US one is basically this:

The UK press next day criticizes the performance
quality and content and was not happy when they messed
up. The US media does'nt notice any such things, as long
as they had a great time and where all emotionally high
during the concert.

It's easy to influence people with music, and the enemy
is very clever with that, I'm a musician myself and did
compose a lot in the past, but gave it up because of
its sensual nature that always falls for a catchy tune
"that has got it" - and you would think that in the
Christian music scene there would be different rules
and standards. Unfortunately not, I cannot even listen
to most of it anymore, it's either musically 'challenged'
or lyric wise just a bit too far away from the truth.

 2017/7/31 6:48Profile

Joined: 2012/2/8
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//its sensual nature that always falls for a catchy tune
"that has got it" //

But even the best lived hymns are best loved because of their catchy tunes. There is nothing wrong with a catchy tune. If there is music is heaven (I hope so but not sure if scripture states this explicitly- can't remember) I am sure the tunes will be catchy.


 2017/7/31 7:17Profile

 to brothers todd and a-servant

to brother todd:
I agreed, there is nothing wrong with a song being catchy, specially if it is a Gospel song, but noted that the lyrics of a Gospel song is should strictly TRUTH and biblical based. When I used the word "catchy" to describe wordly american pop culture music, is it because, it catched my ears and want to listen to it again and again, listening to an empty meaningless lyrics, it captured millions or billions of people too to watch the filthy music video of a popular pop culture.

to brother a-servant:
I agreed that movie and entertainment industry is very demonic, it shows all kind of sins that God hates. I also agreed that so called famous Christian music today is very polluted. Zac Poonen preached about it, he said that many Christian song has no reverence of God, like "draw me close to you, never let me go", it is a love song, not a Gospel song.

 2017/7/31 8:38

Joined: 2012/2/8
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 Re: to brothers todd and a-servant

///like "draw me close to you, never let me go", it is a love song, not a Gospel song.//

What do you mean by a "gospel" song?" "Draw me Close" is a worship song; it is obvious the song is addressed to God.

Psalm 145:18English Standard Version (ESV)

18 The Lord is near to all who call on him,
to all who call on him in truth.

I am in agreement that much contemporary Christian pop music is vapid, especially when sung in breathy lyrics like so much of worldly pop music.

But "draw me close" is not one of those songs.


 2017/7/31 8:49Profile

Joined: 2010/12/7
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: repenting from american pop culture music

(((Praise God, Evangiline)))

When the Lord saved me on April 12, 2009, I was living in Los Angeles recording 1st album (though I was [acoustic] singer/songwriter not pop:rock etc) and had worked as a nanny for (and then by that time just part time babysitter for) one of the most famous female singers in the world that you see on magazines at grocery check out lines.

Though as an unsaved person I had dreamed of a music career and had "connections" and had traveled with this artist to MTV, the talk shows, Good morning America etc.... When The Lord called me out of darkness, I immediatey could no longer sing even the seemingly harmless secular lyrics I had written, but I was in the midst of recording this album I'd dreamed of making and not only that but the Holy Spirit so changed my heart that I threw all my CDs in the trash and to this day am deeply grieved by even hearing the music that plays in almost every store you walk into now.

Many people think of secular music as harmless and is not. The music industry absolutely has satan as its king and I truly believe most of the music of the world casts a spell upon unsuspecting partakers of it lulling them to spiritual sleep in many ways or worse yet, subliminally searing the conscience of multitudes.

Anyone with internet can google the satanic and occult influences of much modern music...these are not conspircy theories but the truth often shared in quotes from the artists themselves.

If you look at the popular modern artists (though i dont encourage anyone to) -- their music videos, performances, etc are filled with the occult, with demonic levels of sensuality and depraved behaivior etc.

What was most grieving to me after being saved was visiting churches and finding similar music and celebrity culture (and immodesty among female worship leaders) ...not condemning anyone it just grieves my heart so, especially for the sake of the little children who are looking up to them.

Please have grace for me for rambling on so much...Just wanted to share from very personal experience and encourage you in following the Spirit's leading in consecrating yourself to our soon coming King!

God bless you dear sister in Christ.

 2017/7/31 9:03Profile

 To followthelamb

Thank you for sharing your story, followthelamb :)

When God gave us light of the truth, we see everything in this world in God's point of view through the Holy Spirit...

God Bless you and have a bless day, followthelamb :)

 2017/7/31 9:40

Joined: 2007/2/8
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 Re: To followthelamb

Hi All
Ok so I think their are a few issues here that are getting mixed up.
On Catchy Music:
Any of the really good music has some exceptional traits to it.One of them is its catchyness for the want of a better word.Mozart was catchy,Bach and Beethoven also.
If a Christian or a Secular composer produces music that is not catchy its probably going to have little effect.Keith Green was catchy no doubt

On Pop Music:
Yes the lyrics are clearly influenced in varying degrees by Satan.No doubt but music is mainly just symbols on a page thats all.I could play one line of symbols with a violin or harp and it sounds angelic and I could play the same line of symbols with a heavy metal guitar and it sounds demonic.
If I put a different set of lyrics to Amazing Grace for instance that didnt glorify God and played the music with Heavy Rock it would sound demonic.Music is just mainly symbols it depends what you do with them.

On Christian Music:
It clearly has an identity Crisis.We are playing worldly music for the Church thinking that it will have an effect on the World but it hasnt it is just effecting the Church.
Most of it is awful stuff in my opinion and Im disillusioned with it.

Getting The Holy Spirit Involved:
The most important person when creating music is the Holy Spirit,God needs to be involved when creating music otherwise it will be uninspired simple as that.
We cant compete with the world when it comes to creating music unless God is fully involved.Its logistics the world has more musicians, more better musicians,more composers,more resourses full stop but we have God and he makes all the difference.
God and Pop Music:
You can create Pop music that is Godly with Godly lyrics and that pleases God....
But it has its place,its more than likely not going to be played on Sunday morning etc.
God will use Godly music to great effect whether its choral,country or pop but it has to be good,it just has to be good.We are making a claim that we know God and communicate with God but then produce some of the stuff we're producing doesnt add up.
No filler please,we need to put our best foot forward when it comes to music,we need to raise our standard,meet the challenge as we are representing this Great Great God we love....urs staff

 2017/7/31 19:50Profile

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