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 Gifts of the Spirit

Dear brothers and sisters,

I wonder if anybody can recommend me any book, article or sermon with sound doctrine on the gifts of the Spirit. I read yesterday through some of the scriptures concerning the topic and listened also to a sermon by Paris Reidhead. But I am still meditating on the topic - how do I recognize what is my gift?

And I realize that the gifts are given for the profit of the church, so realizing or finding out what gift God has given me - will be a blessing to all!

If you are willing, you can also share your testimony, how you have found that out!

Yours in Christ,

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 Re: Gifts of the Spirit

In your past posts I have sensed your sincere commitment to the Lord so I will risk a lot of criticism on the forum to share some of my personal experience. I am part of a denomination which does not in my opinion put enough emphasis on the work of the Spirit in the life and work of a believer yet I know my calling is to remain where I am and mentor young people who are hungering for God. I sense a strong moving of God in very recent years in my religious circle in drawing the hearts of younger people to desire a dynamic experience with Himself which my generation has failed to portray.
First, through some very adverse experiences, the Lord yanked me out of the mainstream of my religious culture to begin to reveal Himself as a caring "Dad" Who desired to direct my life in a very real and personal way. With this, I began to experience some gifts of the Spirit which enabled me to serve Him in ways which my natural abilities could never have done. One of the more predominant gifts is the gift of discerning of spirits. Another is the word of wisdom and an understanding of the Scripture which has nothing to do with my intellect. None of the gifts which I have received were for my personal glory - all were to enhance my effectiveness for Him. One thing which God has shown me is that there are many counterfeits among those who boast of having the "gifts". I would encourage you, Esther, to continue as you have been doing in pursuing God with all your heart and asking Him to fill you with His Spirit. I am assured that He will delight in pouring His gifts upon His beloved daughter as He sees fit in His good plans for you. The world of books and teachers can be very confusing with its multitude of opinions but God is a good Father Who will prove to be an apt teacher to all who honestly seek Him.


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 Re: Gifts of the Spirit

Hi Sis Esther,
You're in the right book to read about gifts of the Spirit. The Bible 😊.
I was reading this morning how Isaiah said God had called him from the womb. (Isaiah 49:1-2) God wires us all a little differently but it is apparent in our DNA what we are like. Trying to figure out what your gifts are or how the Holy Spirit will use you is a little like trying to figure out what a baby will be like when he is just born! Looking back seems to be a better indication of what one is good at.
In my life, the things I am drawn to are often a good indicator of how God will highlight my life in His Spirit.
It is often the worldly or religious thinking that takes us off track. May God give you peace and reveal His ways and paths for you, dear Esther!
Your namesake, Esther, had no idea she would be used to save her people from destruction, but God set it up and Esther's character and natural gifts were all part of the Spirit's moving in her life.
Love in Christ,
Sis L


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 Re: Gifts of the Spirit

In The hour of His Power
by Athur Wallis

A sound man long gone with the Lord.

That was before corruption crept into the charismatic renewal movement.

David Pawson
Holy Spirit
Word and Spirit

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 Re: Gifts of the Spirit

Dear sister,

Some of the best teachings on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit that I have ever listened to are by Derek Prince. There are numerous scripture references that Brother Prince gives in these teachings. He is not teaching man's opinion or some denomination's view on the Holy Spirit, but sound doctrine from the Word of God.

On this three part series, the first teaching deals with receiving the Holy Spirit. If you want to skip to the teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit, advance to about 52 minutes into the teaching, and you will be able to view two other teachings on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


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Joplin, Missouri

 Re: Gifts of the Spirit

And I realize that the gifts are given for the profit of the church, so realizing or finding out what gift God has given me - will be a blessing to all!

There is, I believe, a major difference between the nine gifts of the Spirit listed in 1 Cor. 12 and what I would call giftings or callings on your life. The nine are supernatural gifts that are given as the Spirit wills. For example, God might want to use me in the gift of miracles at a specific time and for a specific purpose, but that does not mean that I now possess the gift of working of miracles and have the ability to go about working miracles.

As to giftings and callings in the body, I would point to Eph. 4. Paul begins by saying that to everyone is given grace, supernatural empowerment, according to the measure of the gift of Christ (according to the will of God and the specific anointing that He has placed upon our lives through the Holy Spirit.)

Paul then says that there are particular gifts given to the body through men, five of them, that have a specific calling to train and mature the remainder of the body. The members of the body, as it matures, will eventually reach the measure of a full grown spiritual man so that each will be able to supply as he or she is anointed by the Holy Spirit.

So the key, in my opinion and experience, is not found in trying to figure out your gift. The key is in pressing in to God and seeking the have Him grow and mature you in Him. In the carnal world we think this is natural. We grow up not having a clue what we are going to do when we are older. But in the process of maturing, we find ourselves drawn to one career or another occupation and our course is guided naturally. It is similar in the spiritual realm. If you draw near to God and spend time with Him, He will naturally speak to your heart about His will for your life. And, with His will comes His empowerment (the grace that is given to every man as Paul says in Eph. 4).

Hope this helps.


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r u baptized in the Holy Ghost? Only those that r baptized in the Holy Ghost can have gifts of the Spirit. Secondly,the gifts of the Spirit only comes or operates as the Spirit wills and not as the individual wills. Trying to operate gifts of the Spirit on one's volition will lead into error.
I will recommend you read the book by Kenneth e.Hagin- Knowledge of the gifts of the Spirit.


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 Re: Gifts of the Spirit

The Gifts Of The Spirit by Harold Horton

This is a very straightforward and plain spoken book. It's the only book I've ever read on the “Gifts”. I think it's about 30 years old now and it still holds true. The temptation with this book is to only read what you think your gift is, but I recommend reading the entire book. In doing do so whatever your gift(s) may become very plain to you. For me the book was more like a confirmation but it was fascinating in how all the “Gifts” work because I had seen a majority of them in operation but wasn't quite sure because some look a little similar. So the book helped me to distinguish.

I hope that helps.

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I read a number of Kenneth Hagin's books in the past. Though he wrote some goods things, I would stay away from them because of his word of faith theology.

If you want to read a good book on prophesy, I recommend Wayne Grudem's "The gift of prophesy "

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RE: "r u baptized in the Holy Ghost? Only those that r baptized in the Holy Ghost can have gifts of the Spirit."

No, that is Pentecostal doctrine, the Christian doctrine is here:

1 Corinthians 12:13  For by one Spirit are we all baptized into
one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be
bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

ALL believers are baptized into one Spirit

Ephesians 4:5  One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

there is Now only 1 Christian baptism, and Paul never asks anyone
to search for a second blessing, even though the AOL website
says to search for that. That's why the call themselves Pentecostals,
and not Christian. It's 'christian Plus something extra'.

Acts is history, epistles are teaching Chrisitan doctrine. But people want
to re-experience act again, special re-run just for them. The catholics also
have this tendency to not accept once and for all historical facts and want
to 'do a historical once for all done deal all over again' in every mass.

Pentecostals do the same in a different way, instead of going with Bible doctrine,
it seems kind of "spiritual" to tap into the history side and declare "let's do this
every day", and of course it should be Pentecost all the time, would'nt that
what we really want?....or is it simply a childish way to misunderstand everything?

Anyway, the gifts are mentioned in 1 Corinthians in detail for someone
interested in the Christian teaching, for Pentecostal teachings you need to
buy books of Pentecostals, as long as you're aware that they teach different
doctrines, such as "second blessing" which is not biblical.

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