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 I can't stand...

I just want to take this out of my chest...

I cannot stand when people mock Jesus Christ and God... It grieves my heart when the One I love so much is making fun of...

I had to unfriend one of my friend in Facebook because I always see his contempt posts against God...

I've read this actor also who is mocking Jesus Christ and it came to my thought that if this person do not REPENT before he die, he will remember all of his mockery while tormenting in Hell...

It is very true when Jesus said in Matthew 11:25 "I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants." which shows how a prideful heart cannot know God...

Having said this...

Saints, can you share your experience how you deal with people who shows great mockery and contempt against God? and how do you feel about it? I want to learn from all of you...

 2017/7/22 17:21

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 Re: I can't stand...

//he will remember all of his mockery while tormenting in Hell...//

No, he will continue his mockery.


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 Re: I can't stand...

I just tell people, it's okay if they make jokes about me. I won't be offended. But they should not say jokes about God!

Sometimes one wants to say even dirty jokes and I have either to leave the company, show my disagreement (with words or mimics). Other times in a lecture for example, I'm not left much choice except not laughing with the crowd...

But actually some people, thank God, try to censor themselves when I am around :)

 2017/7/23 10:56Profile

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Well, Jesus is the best example, he said, 'Father, forgive them because they don't know what they are doing.'

Impossible without the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us.
But all things are possible with God.

I always have to recall my own mocking and arrogance before Jesus saved me. To this day I can feel the pain of being one who mocked Him and am responsible for nailing Him to a cross. He forgave me. Now I have to choose, in Christ to forgive others as they reject Christ and me!
Psalm 74 is a good prayer for this!

In Christ,
Sis L


 2017/7/23 11:25Profile

 To: brother and sisters in Christ

Thank you for all your insights brothers and sisters : )

 2017/7/23 13:15

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 Re: I can't stand...

Try living in Canada where every Christian has capitulated to socialism and depending on the government, where, if you go to church and say you won't go on welfare and you need prayer for a job and sustenance, everyone looks at you like you're nuts and should be declared mentally unsound. Try living around thousands of Canada Christians who have no understanding of the Republican movement in the States and the desire of American after American to live apart from government assistance because they believe God keeps his word. Try living around these Canadian Christians when in their Bible studies they mock Americans to no end for their "ways". That is what is hard to stand.


 2017/8/1 14:01Profile

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