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 Re: When is it time to leave?

For me, the call that God has on my life, I will not sit under preaching that is not godly, scriptural,etc...Some feel led to stay, hoping to influence the preacher and parishioners, which is between them & God. I happened to attend a Pentecostal church 35 years ago(for about 30 years)that taught we were going to go through tribulation, the grace of God was being twisted, and name it and claim it was wrong, just to name a few. We were considered a cult back then for those Bible teachings, looked down on.
I moved six years ago, and I can't begin to tell you the crazy experiences I have had visiting at least 20 churches. I feel it's important to fellowship one with another, especially to avoid deception. It's one thing to minister to friends during my Bible study fellowship, many who come from a diverse church background, but another to be under the authority of false teaching. If we can't stand now, in the small things, how will we be able stand in the days to come. I am attending a small group, led by a Messianic Jew, in his home. I love the Lord with all my heart, and have died to my expectations of what church should be, why I don't fit in, what my ministry should have been. Maybe God is preparing you and your wife to start a home church for people like me. I am in no way a preacher, ask God to show you how to leave - but be prepared, it may not be in a way you imagined.

 2017/7/21 1:23

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 Re: When is it time to leave?

My "advice" if you want to call it that would be to speak with the leadership of the church. If it were an issue of something like worship style, preaching style, or church decor that would be something that I think you could still stay on staff and minister because you are there for the people not your own personal worship preferences. But, since this is a doctrinal issue, I would most definitely speak with the pastor in private and voice your concerns. I also would approach it very gently. You don't want to come out guns blazing and him automatically become defensive. I would ask him out to lunch or something, pay for the meal, and humbly offer your concerns and see where the conversations goes. If after hearing what he has to say you feel that you cannot in good conscience follow where he is leading then it is time to move on. Even though you disagree with him, he is still your shepherd and should be treated with that respect. Hope this was some help!

Joshua Herndon

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