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 Inspiring story

I would like to share something we heard Sunday. We had a missionary family at our church that works among Muslims in Europe and they shared this incident with us.. It blessed me so, made me cry.

Muslim countries are closed to over missionary activity but some Believers are resourseful and will televise the Gospel message into these countries. Thus many will listen secretly and do come to the LORD.

One day a wife and her children left the house, leaving the husband alone at home. After he was certain they left he turned on the tv to a Christian station and was listening intently. In the meantime one of the children returned home to fetch a forgotten item when he walked in and to his shock saw his dad watching this Christian tv program. In alarm he asked him what he was doing. The dad confessed up upon which the son admitted they too had been watching and were Christians - he, his mom and the other childen. They were secretly watching, had Bibles they were using in their study. Much joy was in that family when they learned they were all following the LORD.

Loved how the LORD will work, that political boundaries do not limit the working of the Holy Spirit. And...heard another story recently that reminded me what Richard Wurmbrand used to say: "if God wants you alive, even Communist torture cannot kill you."

Inspiring, is it not?


Sandra Miller

 2017/7/18 15:06Profile

 Re: Inspiring story

Very very inspiring dear sister. Thank you for posting. Will share this on persecution watch tonight.

Bro Blaine

 2017/7/18 19:05

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