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I just heard this song from Keith Green, yet again (like the 100th time) and it never really SUNK in. But 'bless me lord, bless me lord, thats all we want, we dont wanna weap, and mourn for something Holy'.

Oh, *(desperate Oh)* my God cause the seed in this Preachers heart in my area. His wife has a desire to revival, others are going to be risen up (prophetic word) and oh, i can't wait for the HOLINESS TO HIT THAT DEAD CHURCH!!!! HOLINESS!!!!!!

And, again, i say its DEAD just as the rest of my churches in my area!! DEAD I TELL YOU!!! even the church that is making a new church seating 2,000-3,000 people!!

Ugh, in my heart, i hear 'WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY CHRISTIAN' i cant remember who said that, its on fireonthealtar but like man it RINGS IN MY SOUL!! BURSTING!! WAKE UP!!! people are DYING!! oh church, please wake up.

 2005/6/20 2:29

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