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 Why No Revivals?

I grew up with very little guidance and knowledge and thru God i've heard of this "Revival". And what it means.

I believe some 'revivals' are over-rated. So many that i've heard of are 'too short'. I feel we are coming into a time where revival won't be 'one week, one month, one year, one decade' but be constant.

So, my question is, Why are their No revivals in the Churchs today? Why do they go away?

My personal responce is PRAYER, we have forsaken it. They go away because of PRAYER and no discernment of those who are doing things that aren't of God to stop it.

 2005/6/16 19:11

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 Re: Why No Revivals?

In this recording David Mainse questions Leonard Ravenhill on why there is not revival in the church:

[b]Long Interview of Leonard Ravenhill by David Mainse[/b]

You are right brother PRAYER is paramount to have revvial to be the same apostolic normal christian we should be.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/6/16 19:17Profile

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 Re: Why no revivals?

Perhaps there are no real and lasting revivals because we have no real and lasting hunger for the God who graciously gives revivals...

...we want revival, not the God who revives.

I want God. That is all. He may do as He likes.


 2005/6/16 19:24Profile


Yes, Leonard Ravenhill very good interview. Perfect on this topic.

I now have a theme, and i feel God is bringing favor upon me to speak to the Pastors of my area (in a 5 mile radius there are 200 churches). My theme is "Why fight all these different things:
Prayer in schools
Commandments in Govt. areas
When WE(the church) have TAKEN THEM FROM OUR CHURCHES!!!"

It's sad, i've only looked at a few (20-30) ministries in my area, and i think their prayers meetings are just 'hang outs' compared to what they should be.

Another question i pose. Why do the Revivals 'cease'. What caused each and everyone to 'stop'. Like Azusa, Canada, Brownsville...all the places, what happened for God to stop the revival?

 2005/6/16 19:35

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 Re: Why No Revivals?

Revival has ceased because the fact of the resurrection of Christ is a mere after thought. The resurrection of Christ is the reason we are Christians, yet very few Christians seldom think about it.

If you truly believe Jesus is alive from the grave, how can you ever remain the same again?

Jimmy H

 2005/6/16 19:47Profile

 Why No Revivals?

Au contraire my beloved.

revival has happened, in a three foot circle around me.

Jesus revealed IN us.

Much much love to you in Christ Jesus.

 2005/6/16 23:50

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 Re: Why No Revivals?

You wrote:

Another question i pose. Why do the Revivals 'cease'. What caused each and everyone to 'stop'. Like Azusa, Canada, Brownsville...all the places, what happened for God to stop the revival?

Irregardless of what any Church, fellowship or home Church decides, you and I can have Revival!!

What about Revival in our homes has been my reoccurring question for at least a year now. I hear believers complain about lack of Revival in their respective Churches, lack of effectual fervent prayer meetings and so I ask about (if they are married) their prayer life AT HOME with their spouse? Normally I get a distant look and a blank stare. It seems folk find it easier to drive across town to a prayer meeting than to get beside their bed with their spouse and pray. Same thing with couples who have children, I ask “tell me about your prayer life with your kids”, once again distant looks and blank stares far too often. And then we talk about our cold cold Church? Lip service, all this talk about Revival if it comes from those who will not have Revival in their homes! How is it that we expect and demand Revival from our "Church" if we will not expect and practice it at home?

Reminds me of a Grandfather who would not talk politics nor would he complain about politicians, why? Simply because he chose not to vote, he felt if he did not vote what right did he have to complain.

If anyone knows of any “repentance” preachers talking about Revival must start in the homes, I would love to hear their message, please advise.

And to those who are not married and have no children…. My what an opportunity!! Your entire life and time used solely for the service of the Master. Take full advantage of this season in your life, lay aside all weights that would hinder and put it in overdrive.

My wife and I see the cloud, and we hear the sound of an abundance of rain……… do you?? It took a dozen years and great despair, but it had to begin in our home, and so too must it begin in all our Christian homes. We are only now taking infant steps, but steps they are and how thankful to the Lord we are for His longsuffering towards us.

Don't wait on someone else, don't wait for a Church, a denomination, an Elder or a Pastor to have Revival. No need to try and replicate past Revivals. Don't wait for an altar call, rather practice an Altar Life.

God bless,

Tony Sexton

 2005/6/17 0:04Profile

 Re: Why No Revivals?


Neilgin1 wrote:
revival has happened, in a three foot circle around me.

Lol. Thats how i got filled with His Spirit, a friend of mine, was FULL of God's Spirit, GO GO GO, the Zeal in him was Sooo Godly i couldn't deny the Lord's Power in his life.

One can put 1,000 to work
Two can put 10,000 to work (right? or is it to war??)

If that principle remains...
3 .. 100,000
4 .. 1,000,000
5 .. 10,000,000

The reason why I asked 'Why no revivals?'

Is because we serve the ONE and TRUE Living God, Why are their no true manifestations of His Spirit, why are people getting healed left and right, why doesn't the world look at us with favor, why why why do we refrain God's Power in our lives and churches.

(those are re-tor-ic-al...sp)

We have the ONLY God, so why doesn't everyone know it, God is more powerful than Satan, yes he has blinded their eyes, but God gives sight to the blind.

I'm burned for my area, for revival, and for Jesus to come down and rain upon us with HIMSELF.

If you are by yourself 'winning souls', how much more effictive God's Kingdom will be if you encourage 10 people to win souls.

IDK i have like 10000000 things circling in my head.

 2005/6/17 10:59

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Thank you tony for the inspiring post - let it begin with us, in our homes!

Kendal Shipley

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I have been thinking about this, we look at church history, and we read about mighty men of faith like John Wesley, he saw revival, he saw his nation, and the nations of the world changed for the Glory of God.

But why don't we have revival in the church today?

I think it comes down to this, the reason we don't have revival is because we don't desire holiness. Wesley rose up and preach holiness, and there was revival. The church today is a group of people with little or no holiness.

But in the darkness pit, a light always shines brighter. Revival is coming...

Josh Williamson

 2005/6/19 9:23Profile

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