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 Finding a Church to attend

Greeting to all of you fellow believers in Christ,

Can you give me an advice?

I am following CFC India headed by Zac Poonen, I am so much bless by Zac's sermons.

I moved to a new country and I tried to find a similar church like the CFC India but I could not find any sound doctrine church nearby, although, I found these two churches which "interest" me to go but I do not feel lead by the Holy Spirit to go mainly because of "one slight" different teaching they believe. The one church has a female pastor, and it is clear in the scripture that female should not be a preacher (1 Corinthians 14:34). The other church believes differently about the tribulation and rapture. But overall, these two churches I feel interested to go seems a good church.

The big dilemma is I feel so stagnant to not belong to a church. Is it good for me to attend one of these churches and overlook their flaw?

I remembered also Zac Poonen mentioned this phrase in one of his sermon, "The day we find the perfect church, it becomes imperfect the moment we join it."

What you think, saints?

 2017/7/1 17:20

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 Re: Finding a Church to attend

I hope you are also aware of the fact that Zac Poonen himself is associated with many churches around the world. Please reach out to CFC India email asking them whether there is a CFC associated Church in the area that you live.

Yes, I believe the many proud unchurched people are those who seek the perfect church because they think they themselves are perfect and deserve a perfect Church! Brother Zac's quote is a dig at them! Am paraphrasing Zac Poonen's words, 'Do not come to our churches because you are disgusted with other churches in your locality. But come only if you are disgusted with your own sins. Because we are also a bunch of people who hate sin and are pressing on to be Christ like.'

I do not believe a Church should agree with us in all matter like understanding of rapture etc. The basic truth of Gospel should be maintained. I would look for a Church in which the leaders are humble (approachable) and are willing to listen to Jesus alone. They should not be people pleasers at all. The church that tries to please people cannot serve God.

I am part of a local fellowship and lead the meeting along with fellow brothers. I never asked their understanding of rapture etc! I do not believe they even have one! But the important thing is they are humble and willing to learn. Jesus is their head and mine, hence it is easy for me to fellowship with them.

CFC churches are very different. They have a clear vision which is discipleship. They depend only on God for their provisions. They do not ask money for God's work. It is very very rare to find any fellowship or Church that is even closely resembles CFC. This is my personal opinion. By no means it is a perfect Church, because it is made of imperfect people, pressing on to perfection.


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 Re: Finding a Church to attend

I think no one can tell you for sure, where to go because we don't know both of these churches.

For me the leadership is very important, because more or less they do (and should) somehow determine the general direction of a church. For this reason, I personally would not like to be a part of a church where a female is a pastor. (Surely there are exceptions, where woman leads a local fellowship for a period of time) There is this saying that the exceptions prove the rule.

For the other church: Consider and pray! I mean if people don't believe Jesus is coming - there is a problem. But I would (at least for now) personally not fight over post/pre-trib. There are things that are so much more important and we should strive to be equiped by the Word of God for every good work!

Lastly, a brother told me that it is good to remain in the fellowship of believers because alone I am an easy prey. Having said that, I know that God is able to preserve a believer even if he is on a lonely island. Just let your heart be sensitive and never remain in a church against the leading of the Holy Spirit!

 2017/7/1 18:41Profile

 to brother sreeram

Brother Sreeram,

I emailed CFC India already and they do not have a church in country where I live that is affliated to them.

Thank you so much for your insight, Brother!

: )

 2017/7/1 18:41

 Re: to sister esther

Sister Esther,

Thank you for your reply...

I met a one lady though who lives nearby me and we are starting a fellowship, so I am joyful that God provided a one person for me to study the word and someone with same mind and Love for Christ...

: )

 2017/7/1 18:47

 Finding a church

Miss Evangeline,

It can be discouraging, but may I suggest you keep looking? I went to the same church for almost 30 years, and believe me, we were an imperfect group of sinners! In the area that I moved to the churches are fraught with non-biblical doctrines - and I do not want to spend my time listening (I'm not comparing any of them to my old church, nor do I have unreasonable expectations). I'm excited to have found a small Sunday group, recommended by friends who I had not been in contact with a long time.

In this age of deception it's important to find a body of men and women to fellowship with, no matter how small. I certainly understand your caution not to be under leadership embracing false doctrines.

By the way, I listen to Mr. Poonen's sermons, a lot, too!

 2017/7/15 0:25

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