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Dear aeryck,

It has been nagging at me all day to come back here as I suspected I had missed something after my last post - and here it is - your magnificent conclusion! This is [i]WONDERFUL![/i] I have the impression you are now 'listening' with new ears.

Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.' [John 18:37]

You can see from the emboldened section that I finally got it. I think it was Philologos who actually mentioned this, I just could not find the reference.

As I walked in the front door, all the verse came tumbling like finally solving the rubicube.

Jesus also says, 'my sheep here my voice....' The weather is splendid and a time to take Cassie, for a walk. Plus this whole scripture has created a hunger for time alone with God, to hear His voice.

Amen! The same thing is happening to me, too.

 2005/6/27 20:27

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 Re: What is Truth

I believe that when Jesus said "I, am the Truth," He is not saying that truth is in Him (I like the way Philologos exposed the text from Greek). What I believe Jesus is saying, if I may put it this way, is that "He is TRUTH in life form." If truth will be a being or a life form, that is Him. Now, If you can fully describe Jesus (with all the words we have) then you can fully define Truth.

The Bible says "God is love." Philologos said that (something like this - pls correct if this is wrong) maybe we can say it this way "Love is God."

My belief is that God's attribute are not attributes that He possess but He Himself is that attribute "in life form." Again, if LOVE will be a being (life form) that is GOD. That is why there is no hatred in Him. He is LOVE in His innermost being, so to speak. It's not just an attribute, a concept or a feeling.

When we say He is holy, He is not only holy in character; but He is holy in a "life form or being."

So, I'll put it this way (in a basic & simple definition), whoever Jesus was (His words spoken & life lived on earth as a man) and is, that is Truth.

Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.' [John 18:37]

My paraphrase: Every one who is in Jesus (God) will hear Jesus' (God's) voice

I believe its Robert who shared the "Japanese story" about the "Do you understand" thing. Bro, WOW ... that's mind blowing for me. Yes, we can not claim that we understand the "Truth" until we have done it just exactly as what was instructed of us (no ifs, no buts).

Jesus said "If you love me you will obey my commandments." All of will say we love Jesus; and all of us will admit that we had failed to obey His commandments in one way or the other. Then, we can conclude that we have not love Jesus because we did not follow His commandments. But we will say, I did obey Him but not all. So, what is Jesus saying then? I believe He is saying that we have not "really" love Him until we have fully obey Him.

"Fully" is a man's term because in God there is NO "partial or part," it is always "full or whole." Oouch Lord, I am hurt because I can see how I grieved and hurted (and still is) Him in my disobedience may it be small or big in our own eyes but not to Him.

To all, thanks much for all you have shared.

In Christ,

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 What is Truth?

Hi Dorcas,

This is the very point that seemed to open my eyes. Hearing the voice of our Shepard. My sheep, hear my voice.

Certainly with reference to the Son of God's words other commentators add, 'love of truth'

'Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.' [John 18:37]

'All that love truth, hear my voice and attend to the spiritual doctrines I preach. It is by truth alone that I influence the minds and govern the manners of my subjects.' [Adam Clarke]

'Every one that is of the truth - That is, a lover of it, heareth my voice - A universal maxim. Every sincere lover of truth will hear him, so as to understand and practise what he saith.' [John Wesley]

Hearing here is hearing not with the ear, but with the heart.

In Jesus,

Eric John Sawyer

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