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 Conservative Anglican Leaders Ready to Elect new UK Bishop

Conservative African and Asian Anglican church leaders are reportedly ready to put forth their own bishop in the Church of England in defiance of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who they believe is softening on gay marriage.

According to The Mail, conservative bishops believe the CofE is becoming too liberal on the subject of homosexuality, and are threatening to take the "nuclear option" when it comes to electing their own bishop in the U.K.

The article cited "insiders" who revealed that the matter will be decided at a meeting in Africa, which would represent a direct challenge to Welby's authority as nominal head of Anglicans worldwide.

While Welby has maintained that he continues to back the traditional definition of marriage, which is between one man and one woman, he has made several statements suggesting support for gay couples in recent years.

Although GAFCON's plan of action is not yet confirmed, insiders say that the meeting in Lagos, Nigeria, could result in the consecration of a new conservative bishop for Anglicans in the U.K. who would preach to them there, and go against Welby's authority.

"I would say there is now a 75 percent probability of the GAFCON archbishops voting to consecrate a new bishop for the U.K.," the source said.

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 Re: Conservative Anglican Leaders Ready to Elect new UK Bishop

This system of clergy was never intended to be, but it wonders me why it is found everywhere. Where are archbishops found in the bible anyway? Wait until Prince Charles ascends the throne which would make him head of the Anglican church by default. He holds multi-faith views and he is somewhat friendly towards Islam.

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