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"But I'm reminding us that prayer is definitely needed for this situation."

That's fer shur.


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///Are you concerned about n Korea striking the US with a missile?///

The answer to that question is 'no'. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 24:6,

...You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for these things must take place, but that is not yet the end...

My concern should not be mistaken for fear. If anything, I take comfort in the fact of knowing that these things have not taken God by surprise. And that whatever does occur in the North Korean situation will occur because God has directed it for his purposes and glory. In the context of the above verse God will direct the situation in North Korea to bring about the soon return of Jesus Christ.

But I find myself being concerned about those who do not know Jesus Christ. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, those men that Dawson Trotman had discipled in the ministry that we now know as the Navigators found great encouragement to go out and share the gospel with other servicemen who did not know Jesus.

We have men and women serving on aircraft carriers and destroyers out in the North Korean waters. Many of them, perhaps all of them do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Should a missile strike one of those vessels, many of them will probably slip into a Christless eternity.

And then there are those in North Korea, who do not know Christ. If we start dropping the the mother of all bombs on the North Korean Peninsula. Then, for sure we are going to send souls into hell.

If anything, I find myself praying that the gospel will surely go out among our service personnel, but also among the North Koreans that they will come into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

But I remind us again that there is also a persecuted church in North Korea. They do have the hope of Jesus. But whatever armed conflict does occur between the United States and North Korea, it will surely impact our brothers and sisters in Christ.

But then I take comfort in the fact that God is in control and that all things are being orchestrated, according to His plan.

Please do not mistake my concern for fear. I lead a global prayer conference call where we pray for the persecuted church in different parts of the world. That includes the church in North Korea. Because I am concerned about this area does not mean that I am frightened about what North Korea will do to the United States. Any blow back that may come from our military action in North Korea may be in the form of a judgment against our nation.

But again, my concern is not to be mistaken for fear.

Again, I urge us to be in prayer for this situation, not only in North Korea but around the world. For surely, each day draws us closer as we look up and see that our redemption is drawing near. Let us cry out for the redemption of souls this day. That they too, will find the hope that only Jesus can give them.

Because of the hope that is found in Jesus.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/27 7:40

 Re: Prayer Call for N. Korea

Dear Intercessors,

You are invited to join us on Thursday April 27 in a prayer call for the persecuted church.

Time: 9:00 PM EST

          8:00 PM CST+     

          7:00 PM MST

          6:00 PM PST

Call in number: 712 775-7035      

               Code: 281207#

We again will pray for North Korea

North Korea

population:  24,4 million, Christian 200-400.000

WASHINGTON — Behind the Trump administration’s sudden urgency in dealing with the North Korean nuclear crisis lies a stark calculus: a growing body of expert studies and classified intelligence reports that conclude the country is capable of producing a nuclear bomb every six or seven weeks.

That acceleration in pace — impossible to verify until experts get beyond the limited access to North Korean facilities that ended years ago — explains why President Trump and his aides fear they are running out of time. For years, American presidents decided that each incremental improvement in the North’s program — another nuclear test, a new variant of a missile — was worrisome, but not worth a confrontation that could spill into open conflict.

Now those step-by-step advances have resulted in North Korean warheads that in a few years could reach Seattle. “They’ve learned a lot,” said Siegfried S. Hecker, a Stanford professor who directed the Los Alamos weapons laboratory in New Mexico, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, from 1986 to 1997, and whom the North Koreans have let into their facilities seven times.

North Korea has one ally – China -who provides economic help to Northe Korea. The key to reign in Kim Jong Un is the Chinese premier Xi Jinping.
Pray that the Lord will guide our president Trump on how to proceed with North Korea.

Pray that the” grave concerns” that L. Kang, of the Chinese Foreign Office has regarding the actions of North Korea will lead to corrective measure.

Pray that Chinese president XI understands the situation clearly, that he now has neess to reign in the rogue state.

Pray that the Lord will send His spirit on the opposing parties and guide them to a amicable solution.

Pray that The Lord will hold his hand of protection over the neighboring countries, such as, but not limited to Japan and South Korea. Bind the forces of darkness that no harm can come to them.

Raise up a powerful internal opposition in the North Korean military to Kim Yong Un.

Lord we pray that the leaders will not trust on their own understanding but tust in You only.

Lord we pray for deliverance from the blackmail of nuclear threats from North Korea.

Lord we pray that You humble the North Korean leader Kim Yong Un and his team, that you turn what the mean for evil to good.

Lord we lift up all this to You, the soverign ruler of the universe and humbly ask that You take control, as we know without You we can do bothing and we know if you are with us, who can be against us.



 2017/4/27 18:54

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A few years ago I saw a book that analyzed the situation in N. Korea, written by a Believer. It was very detailed and now I wish I knew its title. In any case, the book informs the reader that the current leader's ancestors were very religious people, Christians, that is. A case could be aptly made that once a person turns his back to the Holy Spirit's voice God will give him over to a reprobate mind. I am not aware that anyone would suggest this fellow is using any common sense.

One Believer.... I know is not afraid - he says Jesus promises there will be wars and rumors of wars. We pray God will be with these Believers who are in harms way.


Sandra Miller

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