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 Tensions between US and N. Korea

I have never heard the war drums beat so loudly as now. In times past, when the U S wanted to display a show of force, one carrier battle group would have been sufficient to get our point across. In the last few days, the United States has convened 3 carrier battle groups off the shores of North Korea. It seems that something is about to go down.

I just read today that the White House has summoned all 100 senators for a White House briefing regarding North Korea. To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done previously. The question occurs to me is why the House was not invited. But nonetheless, something is about to go down. And I sense it is not going to be good.

Supposedly the concern is over North Korea's nuclear development. But whatever the reason may be. The implications of a US confrontation with China and Russia are not out of the picture. I always thought that such a confrontation would come in a place like Syria. I never thought it would be the likes of North Korea. But wherever the geographical location, the confrontation with both superpowers is certainly not good. Particularly when such a confrontation could go nuclear.

But this thought just came to me today. There is a thriving believing group of Christians in North Korea today. Thinking with the mind of Christ, this thought came to me. Could it be that Satan is bringing about this confrontation to destroy the church of North Korea? The history of the North Korean Church has shown yet the enemy hates the followers of Jesus Christ. Through the Japanese and Chinese invasions of North Korea, he has attempted to destroy the believing church there. Through the Kim family and their oppressive policies he has attempted to destroy the church. Is it possible that the enemy is trying to provoke a nuclear confrontation with North Korea to destroy the evangelical believers in that nation and possibly South Korea? Again, this is conjecture on my part.

In the early the early 1900's, a revival took place in Pyongyang. The Holy Spirit fell and many souls were saved. Satan did not like this and counter attacked by the Japanese invasions. And North Korea has continually been assaulted by the enemy against a church that is seeking to grow there.

The North Korean Church has endured. And Jesus will continue to build His church. But let us be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in North and South Korea. Let us also pray that cool heads will prevail and if possible, an armed conflict can be avoided. However, I am aware that Jesus did say that any on time there would be wars and rumors of wars. But then there are some who pray, always Lord Jesus nothing before its intended time.

Brothers and sisters. The end of all things is near. Let us be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/24 19:58

 Re: Tensions between US and N. Korea

In speaking with a sister another thought came regarding the confrontation, between the US and North Korea? Could it be that God might use such a confrontation to free the North Korean brothers and sisters and distribute them throughout the world?

This would certainly be the more optimistic view to take. But at this point I must rest in the fact that Gid us in control in this. And whatever occurs with North Korea will occur because He is directing these events. Ultimately for His glory and eternal purposes.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/24 20:12

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Back in the early 90s I had a dream where I was in the heavens, and I saw the Two Overshadowing Cherubim dressed in Military Police uniforms.(I will shorten the dream here and not go into everything) I pulled back a curtain and looked down into North Korea and saw China there with them. At the time I believed that China would load the gun that NK would shoot. I believe that NK will make an error in judgement and do something stupid causing the loss of life and The US, maybe through China would be forced into a military policing action, this will serve as a distraction for whats to come ultimately. Regardless when ever I have seen these two messengers of The Lord , the judgement of God is certain and sure, you can(if I may) take it to the bank.


 2017/4/24 21:32Profile

 Re: David

Indeed, brother.. There been brethren who have had visions of a Russian and/or Chinese invasion of America. Whether the tensions in North Korea will give rise to such visions remains to be seen.

But I do agree that the judgments of the Lord are right and true. At this point, I just find myself praying Lord Jesus your will be done in North Korea and America as it is in heaven.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/25 10:19

Joined: 2004/10/13
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Quote "There been brethren who have had visions of a Russian and/or Chinese invasion of America. "

I have understood things a bit differently. I see China in the US more as a humanitarian effort after a rogue nation (Not North Korea) does a pre emptive attack and cripples the US. I believe that the infrastructure(any real federal governance) will be down for perhaps 90 days with most major US cities in an unbelievable state of affairs due to massive panic and the human element. I believe smaller communities will fair better than larger cities. I see things coming to a halt for 30-60 days in most eastern states and some midwestern states and the west coast. During this time Psalm 103 AND Ps 91 will be a sure word for the child of God. The church in America will see the Lord in provision and deliverance like in the days of old...It's a good time in history to be alive and "in" Christ that is for sure. God Bless Bro. DMiller


 2017/4/25 19:42Profile


Amidst the clamor of the war drums it is easy to forget that there is a persecuted church in N. Korea. Open Doors ranks North Korea as #1 on its World Watch List of persecuted nations.

North Korea is not merely a communist dictatorship but a personality cult. The Kim family demands worship. Portraits of the kim family must be displayed in a correct order in family homes. Failure to do so will land 3 generations of one's family in a death camp. The Kim family believes that they are gods. Thus, they expect to be worshipped as gods.

For Christians, following Christ is not easy in North Korea. if one is found possessing a Bible or praying or if a secret fellowship is found, martyrdom would be the most merciful thing. As a slow death would come from a North Korean death camp.

But Jesus has promised that he would build his church and the gates of hell itself would not prevail against it. For many decades, God has had a remnant in North Korea. These saints in the shadow of the cross endure much for Christ.

Let us always remember the persecuted in our prayers. Certainly let us remember our brothers and sisters in North Korea and keep them in our prayers.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/26 13:03

 Re: US Ready to Bring Kim Jung In to His Senses

Link to BBC article. Looks like the sabre rattling is getting more intense.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/26 16:45

 Re: From the 5:30 News...

I just listened to the 5:30 news. 100 senators were called the White House for a classified briefing regarding North Korea. The House received a classified briefing on the hill.

Though classified some of the Senators spoke to the media, saying that the danger is real regarding North Korea's nuclear weapons. A wide range of options were discussed beginning with diplomacy first. But reserving the right to military action. Should that become necessary.

Of course, there had to be the photo op of the Senators. This suggested by Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader. I can't help but get a little cynical here. The world is looking at the possibilities of nuclear Armageddon. And Mitch McConnell is more concerned about how pretty the Senators look in front of the cameras. One wonders

North Korea has said it is prepared to go to the edge should an armed conflict with the United States arise. Observers take this to mean that North Korea will be prepared to use nuclear weapons.

Again, at the risk of being a little cynical. If mushroom clouds are going up in the sky. Will Mitch McConnell be going to the Senate restroom to see how pretty he looks for a photo op?

In my observation, I do not believe the US Senate nor the Presudent nor the House of Representatives understand the seriousness of the situation that the United States finds itself in. We may very well be on a verge of a nuclear armed conflict. And senators are more concerned about how pretty they look for a photo op.

But again this is a serious situation which requires us to be in prayer and intercession.

Simply, my thoughts on a sobering situation.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/26 18:46

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Are you concerned about n Korea striking the US with a missile?

It's pretty clear they can't do that yet. If they try to strike S Korea they( n Korea) will be exterminated so not sure even Kim is that stupid. China would rather have the US as a trading partner than n Korea- just a guess though.


 2017/4/26 19:17Profile

 Re: Todd

No, I am not concerned about North Korea striking the US with a missile. I am concerned about the blow back (no pun intended) the US will receive should we decide to take on North Korea militarily.

I believe we're looking at a situation which can very easily spiral out of control. And the US may find itself, not only in a confrontation with North Korea, but possibly with China or Russia.

But again. These are only my thoughts. The situation could very easily change on the blink of an eye.

But I'm reminding us that prayer is definitely needed for this situation.

Bro Blaine

 2017/4/26 19:28

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