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 Church of Scotland signals openness to gay weddings

The Church of Scotland is set to issue a formal apology to gay people for its 'history of discrimination' in a landmark report that also opens the door for ministers to conduct same-sex weddings.

Proposals to be put to the Kirk's General Assembly when it meets next month include addressing the legal implications of gay marriage while allowing for 'conscientious refusal' from conservatives.

If passed a legal panel would then examine the issue of permitting ministers to marry gay couples while protecting those who refused before reporting back in 2018.

The suggestions are similar to the compromise agreement reached by the Church of England in its fractious debate over women bishops. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2017/4/19 18:14Profile

 Re: Church of Scotland signals openness to gay weddings

Very sad...............bro Frank

 2017/4/19 20:42

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 Church of Scotland

Nothing unusual here... move along

James R Barnes

 2017/4/19 21:48Profile

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 Re: Church of Scotland

This is what happens when unsaved men get power and influence in a denomination.

From the article: "homosexuality is more common in nature than may be realised"

So is infanticide, patricide and matricide, so we should consider these things "natural"?

Nigel Holland

 2017/4/20 6:55Profile

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And they actually believe that this is showing love....

But this shows that they are putting the creature above the creator. That they love the creature and his sin more than they love God and his righteousness.

This proves that they have no fellowship with God and that they don't even know Him at all!

Blessings to all!

 2017/4/20 15:48Profile


Rbanks writes..........

"This proves that they have no fellowship with God and that they don't even know Him at all!"

I would tend to agree with that...........bro Frank

 2017/4/20 17:10

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It gets surreal at times watching this world wide apostasy unfold. And it's just the tip of the iceberg we are seeing.

David Winter

 2017/4/21 8:23Profile

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