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 Kingdom Grace Has Come

By Ron McGatlin

There is now being released to God's pure hearted people the greatest outpouring of all time. It is the time of the kingdom of God coming forth on Earth. It is as God spoke to me over 20 years ago, "coming up like grass in a field". Coming forth all across the world at one time among the "insignificant" humble pure holy "nobodies". The kingdom grace that has come will build NO ONE'S big ministry but will flow across the land at ground level or even in some cases at underground level until the great city of God is manifest on Earth according to the New Jerusalem pattern coming down now in the Spirit from Heaven.

This is the time the Prophets of old prophesied about - the emerging of the kingdom Jesus preached and taught about. Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, rose from the dead and returned in the Holy Spirit to live within and empower many sons to do the works of the kingdom of God. We have entered the time that the first century apostles wrote about - the time of the promises of Jesus for His disciples to again do the works that He did and greater works. The time when nothing is impossible to those who believe.

Individuals, religious groups, and nations can miss this great harvest time. The season when the fruit of all who have died as martyrs, and all that have sown, and all that has been done before, is beginning to come forth. Some will still be saying it is yet four months to harvest even when the harvest moves into full swing.

On God's part it has always been now. He has waited for a people, an army of true sons.

He must have a people who will cast off the religious blankets of limitations, doubts and unbelief and move in the supernatural realm of power, love, and presence of God as described and promised throughout the Word. God must have a people unoccupied with the pursuits of self pleasures and religious routines - a people ready to step into the fullness of the glory of God - a people unrestrained by fear or natural needs but alive and released into the realm of the supernatural love and presence of God - a pure hearted humble simple people who will hear and obey the Spirit of God - a New Jerusalem people dwelling with God in the earth.

Even as dark destruction comes upon the works of the loftiness and pride of man - even as much of what has been considered holy by many is destroyed by fire and great shaking, the mighty works of the kingdom of God shall arise among the pure humble sons of God and the glory of God shall fill the whole earth.

Ron McGatlin

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