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 Who am I in Christ?


I found this site a few months ago. First, I thought that I could only find sermons on mp3 on here. After a few weeks, I found out that there was a different section of the site, with sermons on it by all the great classics! And then I found out that you had a wonderfull forum with almost all biblebelieving christians!!

Guess I am a slow learner ;-).

My name if Fernando Pauwels, I live in Belgium and I work at a university as a scientifical researcher in the social sciences. Since last year, I am married to my wonderfull wife, Leen, who is a real gift from our Provider.

Let me share my story with you of how I came to Christ. I came to the Lord about one and a half year ago. To make a long story short, the Lord revealed Himself to me in a very special way. I am really into rock climbing and I had left on this trip with my girlfriend in september, two years ago.

Since I wanted to get to know who God was, I took a bible with me. Why a bible, you ask? Well, in all the two weeks before, three people had spoken to me about God and Jesus... Since I was looking for God, this was to much of a coincidence for me. One of these people had given me a bible, which I took with me.

So we went to the Gorges de Tarn, in the South of France, which is about 12 hours driving from Antwerp (Berchem - Belgium - Europe ;-), the place we live. So I had this bible with me.

Imagine the scenery... The Gorges du Tarn is a big canyon which is really wild, with a river running in between the cliffs. The place is famous for its reserve of vultures. So you could be climbing, with twenty vultures flying above you. And these vultures are really big... So the setting was quite awe-inspiring.

So in between the climbing we did, I read in the bible about a person, called Jesus. I had know about Him before, because I sometimes went to a catholic mass, but I didn't know Him!

So I read and read.... and more and more my heart became convinced of this truth. The question that really gripped me, was, "what if it is true"? "What if Jesus really died for me on the cross?". I prayed one of the nights that God would show me that He is true.

So one day, we were going hiking... And we came to a viewpoint. I stared at the rock on the other side of the river, and I thought I saw a cross in the rock. But it was just my imagination! I really wanted to see the sign of God in everything. I even took a picture of it with my digital camera, but there is nothing to see on this picture. I still have it, and it isn't even a nice picture ;-). But little was I to know what was going to happen....

We walked down, and came to a tourist shop that sold post cards. And there was a post card of a rock face, called "La tête de Jésus Christ", which is French for the face of Jesus Christ. I asked this man, where I could see this rock face for myself. Five minutes after I thought I had seen a cross, I stood eye to eye with Him.

The rockface was about 20 m high and it really shows the face of a man. God showed himself to me in a way I could comprehend! He revealed Himself to me in a very special way, taylor made on what I could comprehend. From that time on, I gave Him my life.

A few months after, my girlfriend, gave her life to Him too... This all brought a radical change to our lives. We got baptised in May... The church we went too, couldn't do it sooner, if they could have, we would have been baptised instantly. We had been living together for about four year (we had known for about eleven years and I am now 28 years (born on 31/12/1976)), and we deceided to move apart again.

All our friends and family thought we were crazy! I lived in a trailer for about four months and this time was really blessed. We got marrier in september last year and our now expecting our first baby!!

What wonderfull things the Lord has done for us! He saved us from ourselves! He took our sins and died for us... so that we could be cleansed by His blood and die with Him on the cross. Now we no longer live, but Christ lives in us!!

For all you out there, who are scared to take the step, don't be. He is good and mercifull and willing to take you in!

Come on in, the water is fine! It is good to be in the Lord! Halleluja!

So, that was a bit of my testimony... I hope to see you guys around here or afterwards in heaven!!!

In Christ,

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 Re: Who am I in Christ?


What a refreshing testimony. God has such a magnificent way of reaching into our heart and getting our attention. There is a real storehouse of material on this site, Greg and the rest of the crew have done a wonderful job in setting up, and running this site. Welcome, hope you find nothing but good memories here..

Greg 8-)


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Bless you brother and I am definetly God lead you to this website. There are many audio sermons for you to be blessed by, I would recommend listening to the ones featured on the front page and also the message: [url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt[/url] by Paris Reidhead, is a MUST listen to. Thanks for sharing your testimony brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Who am I in Christ?

Blessings upon you Fernando, and your family. May I say Obedience is far better than anything else before God. Stepping out by Faith and responding as you did,for salvation and then doing the right thing with your wife-to-be is honorable! The Lord will always bless the heart who obeys when He speaks to us. May God's Love shine upon you and your family! :-)


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I love your testimony Fernando. I hope you find the sermons offered on SI to be a great blessing to you and help you to grow in your faith. It's amazing how God comes down to us to reveal Himself to us.

In Christ,
Jeremy Hulsey

Jeremy Hulsey

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