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Well, I am thankful for the website as it is now. I know there is much prayer and work behind it. I just thought it will be good, if we can enhance the search engine. There are mainly two things that I would like to be possible.

1. Choosing search directory - for example only audio sermons, only text sermons, or only in Discussion forum etc.

2. Searching specific sermon titles from certain preacher: for example, I go to the page of Tozer and want to find out what sermons are out there that have something to do with prayer. My keyword could be "pray", "prayer", "praying" etc. (and the search result would then get also other sermons whose title does not begin with "P"). Now as far as I know the sermons are ordered alphabetically.

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 Re: Potential SermonIndex Site Re-design and development?

As a Web Designer and Graphic Artist on the side I'll refrain from all my thoughts, lol!

I personally love the simplicity and the color schematic currently employed here on SI, I'd leave those signature elements as is (if I was being consulted for a rebrand), but a new icon might also be useful for the Kingdom... which is really what matters. I do think the Lord can anoint elements of modern symbology and quicken talents to produce them. I was always impacted by the Lord anointing the artisans for the Tabernacle. You never know who might be drawn to this sight to the saving of his/her soul.. I see this site personally as one which stands in the gap online.

A few things I miss here that I have seen developed elsewhere are more forum related tools such as PM capabilities, Quoting tools, emoji's, personalizing various aspects of forum appearance (font sizes, Avatars, etc.), the ability to save various posts, users, threads, as well as the ability to upload auto-scaled photos. I think my most missed feature is the ability to be notified via email of a reply to any particular thread.

Recoding the site to HTLM 5 would also make it more mobile friendly. If planning to move onto a Wordpress platform, you might consider Buddypress or bbpress.

I'll begin praying the Lord directs clearly concerning this Bro. Greg.

If you are interested at all my last site was the first I placed on SquareSpace as the church did not have any dedicated person who could maintain it. I love it when the Lord leads! This was gratis work and my former company is not active currently, in other words I'm not attempting to advertise in any way here, this church simply needed some encouragement. The new logo was one of the neatest ideas the Lord has given me graphically.

I personally enjoy full width websites, but if you code to HTML5 you won't have some of the limitation this one currently has in that regard.


Chad C

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Thank you saints for all the meaningful responses and ideas so far!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Potential SermonIndex Site Re-design and development?

Brother Greg,

I love this site and have been here since it started, the only change may be to include a way to share sermons on social media, but do as the Lord leads.

Doug R

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 Re: redesign - my vote

Greg and members: I've not been active in the forums for a while although I come here often and peruse the topics being discussed.

As far as the design, my vote would be to 'please' leave it as is. I just cannot see change for change sake. However, if it is is really needed, that is, of course, warranted. I don't understand the reasons for wanting/needing the design change but I sure like the looks and simplicity as it stands now.

My only suggestion would be to put the page links back at the bottom as well as the top of each page on the forum topics.

I am so grateful when I started coming here in about 2006 and later joining. I love you all and pray God's blessings on you. Wayne

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Evidently, Greg, the Lord is speaking to you on this. Things change. Love you and trust Jesus to speak to you.


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Hi Greg,

I will certainly be praying for God's guidance with any changes (if there are any). I am very happy with the design and the layout of the website as it is.

There are just two things that I would like prayerfully considered (that are echoed by what other people suggested):

1.) FONT SIZE: I introduced SermonIndex to a few individuals who said that they had trouble reading the menus. I showed them how to change the font size on their computers (Press and hold CTRL and then the + or - signs). This really helped them, but it is something that many people might not be aware of.

I checked the equivalent font and size of SermonIndex in various browsers (by copying and pasting it into a Word 2016 document). Here are the results:

- Chrome: Verdana size 8.5 font (Sermon Recommendations size 7 font)

- Microsoft Edge: (Same as Chrome)

- Firefox: Calibri (Body) size 11 font (Sermon Recommendations size 10 font)

- Safari (on iPad Air 2): (Same as Chrome)

- Chrome (on Android tablet): (Same as Chrome). The tablet defaults to the full version of the website rather than the mobile version.

- Chrome (on Android smartphone): I am not certain about the font or size, but the mobile version seems more readable.

I think that any sort of redesign could simply be enlarging the current site for better readability. This would allow for the default font size to be slightly larger.

2.) SERMON SHARING (on social media/text/email): Sometimes, I like to share a sermon with friends or family members via social media or group apps (like GroupMe). Currently, I copy and paste the link. However, this is a bit more difficult to accomplish via the smartphone. If there was a SHARE button with each listed audio or text sermon (that would share an auto-link), it would be very helpful.

Personally, I wouldn't change much of anything else. I think that SermonIndex has worked well because it is familiar and simple.


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Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Potential SermonIndex Site Re-design and development?

Yeah, the smallness of fonts is a 'problem'. The size of the screen also (766px is really small). That the website isn't responsive is another isue. Searching for files/video's is a thing. Maybe the list when you are are in the page of a preacher could be more in a 'overview-list' instead of big blocks? The forum could use a update on usability.

To summ it up: usability is (I think) the biggest issue. I am a webprogrammer (is my job) and work with a lot of websites, and usability is the biggest issue for us, not the colors or things like that.

Wijnand de Ridder

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Not to pick on J2, J2 uses phpBB just like all the other discussion forums out there.

SI's discussion forum is unique, very easy to use and to navigate. Even in the forum's the main menu is on the side.

My two cents, brother. God bless you and all the time you've put into this site!

PS: Who was it that said you needed to change SI? :)


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