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 Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s Personal Letters

I have been reading the almost 600-page biography of Leonard Ravenhill by Mack Tomlinson. It brought to mind photos taken while Margaret and I waited with Leonard and Martha for their flight from the Minneapolis airport to Dallas. We had just finished meetings with Len, sponsored by a number of churches around the Minneapolis area.

I didn’t find the photos, but I did run across 45 letters, untouched for years, that we received from Len between 1983 and 1993. Len died in 1994. Shortly before that, Len wrote the foreword to our book, The Christ of the Apocalypse. That foreword was more than the result of a random request to a well-known author, in order to help bring the book to the public’s attention. It was born out of these years of communication, through the which, we also had many telephone conversations and a visit in the Ravenhill home, while traveling through Texas to Mexico. After sending Len a good portion of the manuscript of The Christ of the Apocalypse, I gave him a call from Germany. “I have read your work twice,” he said, “and I was just going over it the third time, when you called.”

Margaret came to know the Ravenhill´s at Bethany Fellowship Missionary Training School, where she attended classes with the Ravenhill sons, Paul, David and Philip in the 1960s. The family lived on campus. I came to know him many years later, after he spoke at Spiritual Life meetings at Crown College of the Christian Missionary Alliance. Margaret and I attended most of those meetings.

This is what Leonard Ravenhill wrote in the foreword: “Of a dozen books I have on the Apocalypse, this one by my friend Lowell Brueckner has moved me most. It is pointed, practical, painful, but profitable. He does not fix any dates or strive to interpret the number 666 or name the Antichrist.

As I read this book, the background in my mind was the prophet’s word—sound an alarm in my holy temple. The timing for the publication of this book is perfect. We are at a crisis hour in human history. Men ignored Christ as the Light of the World. He said, men love darkness rather than light. They still do. Darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people. We have put out ten lights (The Ten Commandments) in each school classroom. The Bible—the lamp for our feet—is missing from almost every house. So our children struggle and stumble in the darkness. Bible preaching is losing ground in many churches.

Reading the book, I was gripped again that Jesus in the Apocalypse says of its awesome events, “things that will SHORTLY come to pass. Add to this Hebrews 1:2 “Hath in these last days…”—words spoken 2000 years ago.

This book has a message vital for this day when in the churches:

There has never been more talk on faith and never more begging.
There has never been more evangelism and never less revival.
There has never been more Bible teaching and never more confusion.
There have never been more believers and never less disciples.
There has never been more action and never less unction.
There has never been more seminars and never less saints.
There has never been more Bible knowledge and never less understanding.
There have never been more outward riches and never more inward rags.
There has never been more feasting and never less fasting.
There has never been more believing and never less behaving the gospel.”

I thought it would be good on this blogspot, to share from these 45 personal letters some of the Ravenhill gems contained in them – pithy quotes from an expert in pithy statements. His letters had many of them, mixed with personal news. They came from the heart and mind of a man, who spent much time alone with God – more than most of us can imagine and perhaps would even find hard to believe.

What I am offering just below is my personal favorite, because it was written, as stated, at four o’clock in the morning. Often Ravenhill spent most of the night in prayer. He wrote it shortly after being with us for meetings. In it, you see the mixture that I mentioned – the personal and the pithy. What I most treasure is the suggestion that we should consider spending a year close to them before going to Germany. It wasn’t possible, but I felt highly honored that he should so desire.

Wednesday, 4 a.m.: The week-end with you was memorable.

There is no mild Bible truth; we deal with awful holy authority from above. Alas, today sin is so acceptable, so delightful – so fashionable, so excitable – believable, and yet, albeit, so damnable. Only the Holy Spirit can convict of unholy living.

We pine for rain here in every way. Revival must come before the great and notable day of the Lord. We must witness rent heavens, showers of mercy before showers of judgment. Spiritual pregnancy must precede spiritual birth.

Are you sure you cannot come to Texas for a year before you go to Germany?

Look for other Ravenhill quotes from his letters to us. I will post more soon, putting them under the label "revival", because revival was his theme.


Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 2

In many of his letters, Leonard Ravenhill only wrote the day and the month, not the year, so it is difficult to ascertain their chronological order. I will therefore concentrate on the content, rather than the chronology.

In these first presentations of the letters we received from Ravenhill, I want to firmly establish the personal side. Len felt it important, not only to impart truth, but to form relationships with people. I marvel at the number of people that he counted as friends. He had time for people and, I think, when a ministry gets so big that it doesn’t have time for people… then it is too big! The Kingdom of God is about people and God - and the relationships between them.

After our family had come to live in the US for a few years, we had established a home fellowship. One summer, we planned a trip to Mexico, to show our field of labor to some of those who attended our meetings. This took place in 1984. It was quite a caravan of vehicles, 6 or 7 if I remember right, that traveled down I-35 from Minnesota through Texas to the Mexican border. We drove on far south to the State of Oaxaca. One of the vehicles was a late-model, 4-wheel drive, which we were donating to the work.

I had proposed ahead of time a meeting with Leonard, as we would pass through Lindale, Texas, and he graciously accepted:

July 10: We will be delighted to meet your caravan. What about sleeping? We can put up four of you. There is a local motel about 10 miles away and a place there to eat. Let me know if you want reservations booking. I will get “Last Days” (Keith Green’s nearby ministry) or David Wilkerson (a neighbor of the Ravenhill’s) to let me have a room to talk together. Phone me the day before you arrive. Travel well…

We did not take advantage of his offer to sleep four of us, but Margaret and I did go over to their home, where Martha immediately served us tea and cookies… good Irish lady that she was… and Len and I talked. He mentioned that he had lost his manuscript on a book that he had hoped to write… it was never written. I mentioned the opposition we experienced in Mexico from the Catholic Church. Len commented: “The Catholic Church in the minority is a lamb; on an equal basis it is a fox; and in the majority is a wolf!”

Len and Martha had lunch with our whole group in a restaurant nearby and then we drove over to David Wilkerson’s warehouse, where there was a chapel room. We drove past Wilkerson’s unpretentious house, as Len pointed out, and had Wilkerson been home, he would have taken us to meet him. Leonard sat in a chair before us and said, “Instead of a message, why don’t you just ask some questions.” A couple months later, he wrote this letter:

Sept 18: Thanks for your letter today and for the Good News of His mercy in preserving you in your trip to and in Mexico.

For about a month, I have been trying to get a book for you. NOW it is being sent to me and I will send it on immediately to you (Sorry, I don’t remember what book it was). It has blest me more than any other book in the last 10 years. It would be good to read to your group a couple chapters a week after you have read it yourselves to see if is okay. I will send you a super book list next week (10 amazing books that we promptly obtained).

It was a real joy to share a few thoughts with your group. I know many were drinking it in. I just love ministering to small groups. It is so rewarding to see your spiritual children ‘leave home’ and go to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.

The enclosed tract is probably the undisclosed Manifesto of Mondale and Ferraro (Democratic presidential candidates in 1984). No burglar drops in to tell us what time he will rob the house – or to show us his tools for breaking and entering – neither do politicians reveal their secret weapons…

3. Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters

Margaret thought that the book Ravenhill mentioned in the last item we posted was probably a book on prayer by MacIntyre. If so, I can see why he said it was the best he had read in 10 years. Ravenhill often sent us books or recommended them. They were treasures, including the one he mentions below by Dr. Machen. As you see, in the same letter, he also sent catalogues and Bible study outlines.

I will be on a trip for almost two weeks, so I wanted to post another item featuring Leonard Ravenhill’s personal letters to us, before I go. I may not have another chance until I return. Since we are entering the Christmas season, these two should fit well. They don’t need much explanation… they’re just good thoughts. What Len writes about the Scripture being of no private interpretation is immensely important. It should be everyone’s plumb line. John Wesley said, “New doctrine is false doctrine!” :

Nov. 14: I do not usually recommend a book I have not read – here is an exception (God Transcendent). A friend of mine studied theology under Dr. Machen and he still glows when he talks of him. Let me know your reaction to the book, please. Maybe some books in this catalogue will do for Christmas gifts. These outlines on Hebrews, I did for my class. They might make good winter studies for your fellowship. I have three classes to teach most weeks and so keep hopping. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. We thank Him for your love, faith and friendship…

Dec. 10: A very blessed Christmas to you. Thanks for sharing about your future ministry. (meaning our move to Europe, which we were to make in 1986) We will pray with you about it. How blessed to be able to say with the Psalmist, “My times are in Thy hands”. “The steps”, and therefore, ‘the stops’, “of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” We are not kicked around by circumstances. We are precious in His sight, though fools to the world. I have not read ‘God Transcendent’ but hope to get to it soon. My plumb line is - the Scripture is of NO private interpretation. As an old saint put it, the Bible is like a stream, where a Lamb can splash in its cool waters. It is also as vast as an ocean, where an elephant can bathe. Peace and joy be yours in the Holy Ghost…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s personal letters, number 5

We present a couple seasonal letters from Leonard Ravenhill. The first was apparently written after we had crossed over to Germany, so I added the year 1986. Through Ravenhill we got to know Elmer Klassen, who has quite recently joined Len in heaven. Elmer saw to the publishing of Revival God’s Way in German. He led the publishing of the Herald of His Coming in German and in at least ten other languages. One of my articles was published in that paper and Elmer also translated and printed another in tract form.

I still remember some of Ravenhill’s message at Wilkerson’s meeting, of which he speaks in the second letter. He said, “I am more hungry for God than I have been all my life.” Somewhere in that message, he mentioned that neither DW or he had ever been offered an honorary doctorate. He then turned to Wilkerson: “If I ever get one you and I will get together to celebrate. Oh no, we can’t,” he quipped, “you don’t drink tea!”

Dec. 4, 1986: We are glad to hear from you and trust by now you have settled okay. Very cold weather and heavier snowfall predicted for this winter.

Satanic opposition to divine truth seems to be increasing everywhere. But He guarantees victory, which in itself speaks of battle.

Good to know Elmer Klassen can come to see you. We have an old German widow lady, who can barely read English. Can you send me Revival God’s Way in German and with it a couple German Herald of His Coming papers? Maybe one with one of my articles in it. Somehow she likes my writings. So glad to know your family devotions are going so well. This means so much in the foundation of the children’s spiritual life.

David has resigned his church in New Zealand. He will travel most of next year and do some writing. Paul is having some blessing and of course, Satan’s opposition. ..

December 16: Greetings and love for a very blessed Christmas.

My latest euphemism: Sweet words will never cover up a sour spirit. Death will not change character, only destiny. Hell has no exits. It seems that all the major soul winners in by-gone days were hell-fire preachers – Sweet words will never cover a sour spirit.

I’m booked to speak once –afternoon, I think - at Dave Wilkerson’s Dallas conference in January. Do pray much for me please. I must have a broken, burning heart. Platitudes will never avail, but power, soundly orthodox. This is a perilous hour to be living in. We cry, “Arm of the Lord awake.” Well, if He is the head and He is, then we must be the arm…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's personal Letters, Number 8

I do not remember to what two books Ravenhill refers in the following letter, although I’m quite sure that we still have them. He often sent books along with his letters, enriching our personal library. We brought most of them with us over the Atlantic and some were sent after we came to Germany, in spite of the cost of overseas shipping. Sometimes, for out-of-print books, he sent whole volumes printed on a copying machine. What an effort the man made to equip God’s people with valuable material! He cared… he was burdened.

He noticed that people are experts in self-justification. Would to God that we were experts in truth, honest and open to correction and repentance! How many big-time preachers fall and how few fully repent!

Oct. 22: We recently obtained these books. I have the publisher’s permission to quote the whole of the chapter on Hell in my hoped-for book on the Judgment Seat. Your opinion, please, on both books. The quotations on R T Kendall are awful. Jimmy Swaggart says in his love letters to his readers: Some men break down physically or mentally or morally, but he did not break down spiritually. His was some other way! Woe!

Blessings on your son in Russia! O to read of an awakening there…

Leonard Ravenhill was not like a king on a throne, addressing his subjects, but receiving nothing in return. He seemed to appreciate whatever news or observations we would send to him. He was teachable, but not gullible. He was not impressed at all by numerical success, as you will see below:

Oct 22: Your letter is like water to a thirsty soul – so thirsty I feel like the man who said, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. A missionary Pentecostal from Africa told me today, the bulwarks of the Muslim religion will never be lowered except by a ministry with signs and miracles. Maybe, but accompanied by sin-convicting power we have never known… conviction that creates sleepless eyes; the resurrection of the dead conscience. I am burdened beyond expression about this faked Christianity. Close reading of Paul’s two love letters to his beloved son, Timothy, has staggered me. I’m going to list his awesome charges to this rookie evangelist. If Acts 5 is the perennial view of God for deacons and Acts 8 his purpose for evangelists, then is there a truly Pentecostal church in the US today? In his book on Azusa Street, Bartleman says there are 70,000,000 classical Pentecostals in the world today. Bro. Fyordbar, a theologian (classical Pentecostal), in my office a few weeks ago said, “Bro. R, there are 120,000,000 classical Pentecostals in the world today.” I said, “Brother, were there 120 million in the upper room.” He said, “No”. So what is the difference between the baptism then and what is supposed to be the baptism now? This hit-and-run evangelism is a modern-style, one-night stand. Big advertising. Big crowds. Big offerings. Very small results. Rees Howell buried himself in Africa 13 years, now Bro. Bonke is there getting crowds of up to 500,000. ..

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s personal letters, number 6

Have you all read The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt? It should be read. I think it was written in the 1980's and it caused a huge stir. Hunt was able to spot some errors and tendencies in the church at that time and exposed them.

Leonard Ravenhill brought it to my attention. He had been observing deficiencies and deceptions for a much longer time. His heart was grieved and he spoke cuttingly and fearlessly against them. He also brought these things before the Lord in broken-hearted prayer. He had no new message to bring to the church, just the ancient truth, about which Jeremiah wrote: Jer 6:16 "Thus saith Jehovah, Stand ye in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way; and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls: but they said, We will not walk therein." And again in Jer 18:15 "But my people have forgotten me; they make offerings to false gods; they made them stumble in their ways, in the ancient roads, and to walk into side roads, not the highway."

I think these two verses are some of the most important for us to mull over these days. Christians don´t want to take the well-traveled, historic way, but are going off on new trails, and eventually wind up serving new gods. Idolatry is as common today in the church, as it was in Israel. People form their own gods, rather than the God of the Bible and historic theology.

Sept. 9: How we all need new revelations of mysteries hidden through the ages! Who grieves for the affliction of Joseph? Who walks down Main St., as did St. Paul in Athens, stirred – or in anger at the costly edifices erected to dead, dumb deities? You will be moved I believe when you read Dave Hunt’s book, ‘The Seduction of Christianity’. While men slept, the enemy climbed the fence and sowed tares. Exactly what Lucifer has done, while they boast of the costly churches they are building. Glad to hear of the blessing and solemnity in your meetings. Soberness is little known in gospel meeting these days. Woe to the false shepherds! Do you wonder that prophets were stoned and cast out of communities – for telling the truth, which exposed the lies of the false prophets? A major Christian magazine has a title in it, ‘How to Become a Leader in the Church’. I suggest this answer - 10 days in the UPPER ROOM!

I don’t remember what I wrote Ravenhill about The Seduction of Christianity; I do remember that I recommended it widely. In the following letter, he talks about how readily people will go to hear someone with some kind of a sensational “gift”, but have little interest in a burning exposition of biblical truth.

April 26: A very blessed Resurrection Day to you. I think your letter on Dave Hunt’s book is great. I hear it is not a best seller of Christian books in the nation. We pray with you about your moving to Germany. There’s a man with a word of knowledge 100 miles away, so there is a rush to hear him. There is a man with the word of God burning in him and through him – 100 yards away, but who wants to hear him? I’m convinced that a holy life is not for a chosen few- but for a few who have chosen the holy way… submission and obedience to the known will of God….

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 15

Leonard’s comments are strange medicine to those accustomed to today’s flattery in public relations. I remember Tozer saying on one of our recorded messages, “I’m not the least bit bitter!” Apparently, some misinterpreted his direct and sharp reproof. Some reading these letters of Ravenhill may do the same, but Len, as Tozer, “was not in the least bitter.” He was passionately concerned for the glory of God and the welfare of Christ’s bride. He was a gentleman, very pleasant to talk to. As his wife Martha said, “He is a lion in the pulpit, but a lamb in the home.” Ah, great testimony from the private life of a fiery prophet!

May 11, 1993: How does an impotent church dare to say it was created by an omnipotent God? Even the so-called fundamentalists shy off from the miraculous. Without unction a sermon is as flat as an uncooked meal. O for flaming hearts and tongues.

The men can print from my tapes, if they are not sold. Ask Bethany for permission to re-print my book. They just informed me that "Why No Revival" is now being translated into Polish and into Chinese. How is your book doing?...

Well, my books don’t do as well as Ravenhill’s do, that’s for sure. However, the book he is talking about and the one for which he wrote the forward, “The Christ of the Apocalypse” has done especially well in Romania. It is also in Spanish, as well as English. Iain Murray considered it for publishing by Banner of Truth, but that never came to realization. In future broadcasts of the program “La iglesia y las ultimas cosas” on Radio luz a las naciones, I will be presenting Christ as He is depicted in the last book of the Bible. By the way, Leonard told me he lost his notes on the Judgment Seat of Christ and the book was never written.

March 29, 1991: Thanks for your good letter. We are so glad to hear of folks awaking to newness of eternal life. The Spirit and the Bride say “come”. When?

You did well to get a hearing from Banner of Truth. I hear they have a new book on the Haldanes. Mrs. Harvey of TN tells me she has just finished the re-polishing of “Protestant Saints”, a marvelous book on historic revival. It should be out in May. I do want to get deep into writing on the Judgment Seat.

We had 44 Mennonite men and a few others for two days of prayer. It was awesome… much real prayer, intercession and transformation. There were visions and transformations with costly personal revolutions.

Our happy, clappy, sloppy church prizes the ritual of the Lord’s Supper to the thought of the marriage supper. The God who demanded a virgin for the birth of His Son will demand a virgin for bride of His Son.

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 9

Here are two letters from 1990. We had been in Germany for four years. Ravenhill continued to send us books overseas. He, in conjunction with David Wilkerson, had printed two journals containing valuable articles from a variety of writers and he sent those to us. Leonard was acquainted with the God of fire, as were so many of the preachers of by-gone days. How often de we hear about this today? We have put people deeply to sleep by presenting them a God of love… the main problem is that we have another breed of love in mind, when we speak of it. It is human love, which people can “relate to”, but it doesn’t transform the heart. Ravenhill felt that such preachers were traitorous to the Christ of the Bible and that Christians in general were more in love with the world, than with God.

June 18, 1990: Precious friends, Today I am entering my 84th year. Goodness and mercy have followed me. Praise Him. Herewith another helpful book. Next month we will mail you Volume I or II volume books. They weigh 1 ½ pounds each. Two will come by sea mailed June 26-28 plus 30. I am supposed to speak at KC Civic Center seating 10,000 people, preachers from every state and 20 other countries will be there. My health is not too good – voice breaks and so He must endue. The prophetic burns in me. Moses saw bush aflame, Jeremiah word as fire, Isaiah burning lips, etc. ‘Visions’ are fashionable in USA right now. Angels, heaven, eternal bliss – none of eternal hell, ‘Where their worm dieth not.’ We have more parrots than prophets in our pulpits. Alas, Christ can now say, ‘I was wounded in the house of my friends.’ We pray, ‘O that thou wouldst rend the heavens.’ God says, ‘Rend your hearts… seat of affections.’ Love of sport, love of entertainment, love of leisure, love of food, love of fellowship. I am convinced this world system is guided by men with depraved intellect, who would annihilate humanity to gain power…

I told Len that I was taking a trip to the far eastern part of Germany to see Herrnhut, where modern missions were launched in the 1700’s. He asked for photos, especially of the site where a 24-hour prayer chain was carried on for one hundred years. Of course, I sent them.

Don’t just read his letter, please! Read it slowly, prayerfully. Do you think he speaks the truth or have you been swept along with the pragmatism (please read the article in this blogspot, “Ten Shekels and a Shirt”) and glowing reports of apparent success? Leonard was not impressed with the conquests of super-organizations, but was moved by the testimony of one young lady, moved by faith. If he is speaking the truth, then… Are we still alive enough to feel the desperate spiritual state of God’s people today?

Oct.11, 1990: Here I come limping through many dangers, toils and snares! The net gets drawn tighter around the true church. Evil men wax worse and worse. The political world is in a tailspin. The holy anointing oil flowed from Aaron’s head to his beard and clothes, but never touched his flesh. O, the proud, self-sufficient, self-satisfied flesh. The once proud, more-than-conqueror Samson lost all, but when bound, blind and beaten by his enemies, he did not pray for liberty or sight or destruction, but “strengthen me this once, even if I die”. ‘Except it die…’ O, how men and organizations fight to live. So now Campus Crusade has a film, Jesus, and more than 30 million have seen it in Russia, and 300,000 been saved Campus Crusade has not done much in the US even with its multi-million $ budget. In the past decade 10,000 foreign students have come to USA. They adopted our lifestyle, crowded our ball parks, movies, etc., but ignored our Christianity. Did you read “Chasing the Dragon”? - The story of Jackie Pullinger of Hong Kong. The most disturbing book I have read for years. The blessed and only potentate walked and talked with 2 men on the Emmaus Road and they didn’t know He was there! Is He in our midst and we ‘see’ Him not or are we worshiping an absent God? Jesus warned of this day, ‘as in days of Noah’ (Gen 6:11). Then 2 Timothy III shows the religious folk. Surely we must stand in the gap. Thanks for the Herrnhut pictures….

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's personal letters, number 7

Make no mistake about it, Ravenhill understood that we must know God according to the Bible… the Bible is, above all, the revelation of God. However, Ravenhill saw clearly that we must go beyond a doctrinal view of God into personal relationship. He then refers to Daniel 11:32. Knowing God and doing exploits is revival language and it goes far beyond evangelism. Godly exploits, however, will not get approval from the world, but it will get its attention. Can we say of the church today, as Peter said, “This is that!”? Leonard ponders an interesting contrast between Matthew 21:13 and 23:38. If “your house” (church) is not the house of prayer, then it is not “My house” Instead of being full of God, it will be desolate. He ends the letter, where he began. As a nation within a nation, we are not under its doom and we are governed by higher laws.

Dec. 17:1988: A blessed Christmas and New Year to you. The pundits tell us 1989 will be a year of gloom. So what? Psalm 24 is ours. I think v. 4 is the key and v. 10 the assurance - all between is ours.

All Bible teaching seems to center around know your Bible – was there ever in history more books on “How to” know….? Was there ever fewer who know their God and in knowing Him do exploits? All sin is failure. All failure is not sin. Can we expect better treatment from this world system than Jesus got from it? Evangelism is something man does. Revival is something God does. I need to ponder, “My house… your house – desolate”. I would like to see a pastor calling from his church to all passers by – This is that! If we are a holy priesthood and a holy nation, then we are a nation within a nation. ..

Those who cannot see the Laodicean church as the model church for the 21st century, certainly do not have at all eyes to see the times in which we are living. There is only one point-of-view that counts and that is God’s. “What a man is on his knees before God, that he is and nothing more!” said Murray McCheyne. Ravenhill claims that Christ is not coming for such a church. He also refers to the impossible task that some have taken on to bring on the Kingdom in this time. It can’t happen until the King returns to earth.

Dec. 23, 1987: A very blessed New Year to you and your dear family. We have a warm winter, not good for killing bugs!

Forgetting the pre-, post- and mid- tribulation theories, all seem to agree that this is the Laodicean period – and yet claim all the ‘church’ will be the bride. What the critics inside or outside the church say of the church, I do not care, but what Jesus says of her crushes me: “Poor, wretched, naked, blind” Is he coming for naked, poor, blind, limping bride? The reconstructions here want to rebuild, though Herold Taynbee has reminded us that 19 previous civilizations have collapsed, but we will use the old rubble again and it will stand this time. The Restorationists might start restoring deacons to Acts 6 and restoring evangelists to Acts 8 standards. Will we ever learn that flesh is still flesh with its 100 frailties? The kingdom teachers seem to have forgotten the kingdom of God cometh not with observation and that some of the children of the kingdom will be cast into outer darkness…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 14
Three years before his home-going and in his mid-80s, Len Ravenhill was still busy traveling and preaching. This was after he had a stroke. He is an inspiration to those of us, who are past retirement age, but have no intention of stepping down from God’s calling. One old Swedish preacher used to say, “I’m not going to retire; I’m going to re-fire.”

Ravenhill also was interested in the world rulers, their policies and statements. Often he commented on what was happening on the world scene.

Feb. 29, 1990: We came home after 6 weeks in California. Two weeks at the Holiness Conference… 4,500 signed up for it and another 4,500 signed up for the second one. There were 22 pastors from Germany and some from Austria. As we preached, folk started to walk to the altar – no altar calls – all weeping, confession, etc., for an hour or more. We are supposed to speak in London in October this year and may take it to Berlin. We will keep you informed.
I feel Gorbachov has fooled the nations again. President Bush says all-new policy on drugs will mean drug-free schools by the year 2000 – not without revival! As I see it, entertainment is the devil’s substitute for God’s joy. Sport is the king of this world and entertainment his queen. But God will yet arise and scatter His enemies…

Jesus promised, “In this world you shall have tribulation.” It can’t fail. Leonard carried the weight of the burden upon his soul. It was not just evident while he was preaching, he bore it in his daily living. He was afflicted because of the direction, in which the world was heading and because of the corruption in the Church. In one telephone conversation, I asked him how he was doing. He responded dolefully, “I am burdened with the burden of the Lord.”

Feb. 17, 1992: I too need a computer! Times are rough for us, but they will get worse. As the old hymn says, “When all around my soul gives way, He THEN is ALL my hope and stay.” I am sure there have been many martyrs in Russia and in Romania in the last few years. I am sure there has never been an hour in human history when wickedness was so strong and when spirituality was so weak. It is for God to rend the heavens or we are doomed. I believe we are in Luke 21:25 with perplexities – no way out.

This generation is trapped in trivia and mesmerized by materialism, delighted by human achievements and destroyed by their TV. My deep fear is that God will destroy the U.S. My Spirit shall not always strive with man. “Others will suffer judgment, but not us.” Well, is that so? Daniel – spiritual as he was – was carried away captive to Babylon…

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 Re: Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s Personal Letters

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 11

I wanted to post a couple more Ravenhill letters. I’m a little tired tonight, so I’ll let Leonard speak for himself. He’s quite capable. So, here you are:

We pray you are well and enjoying the sonshine of His love. I assure you the devil and hell’s emissaries are not in panic and calling an emergency meeting to plan a blockade against a Holy Ghost revival in the US or so-called Christian countries.

The economists are alarmed at the runaway economy. Bankers alarmed at the world credit. Moralists alarmed at the floodtide of porno stuff. Medical alarmed at the unstoppable aids. Military alarmed at increase of atomic stuff. Educationalists alarmed at the world ignorance. Judiciary alarmed at the swelling tide of crime. The Church is not alarmed at the plague of sin and killing depravity both inside and outside the church. Our preachers have bloody hands, swelled heads and shrunken hearts.

Two weeks ago our David had a free ticket to Hong Kong. Jackie Pullinger there is seeing New Testament times again. If you do not have her book “Chasing the Dragon”, I will try to get one for you. In our Thursday a.m. prayer meeting the complaint is how little we know of God. One man cried, “Lord, all I have to prove for my Pentecost is tongues.” Jackie Pullinger’s life is so full, so proving His manifest power and glory.

Bohemia needs a Huss. Germany needs a Luther. England needs a Wesley. USA needs a Jonathan Edwards. I need new voltage in my soul. I need new vision of the lost. If the holiness meeting is planned for Germany, I will let you know and will send any flyer on the U K meeting. The Old Testament vintage of prophets would rage about our accepted crime, porno and lusting, lying, and liquor-loving. My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God - for mercy, not for blessing; not for evangelism, but for revival…

I heard Ravenhill say so many times, “God’s problem is not with the world, it’s with His people.” He felt that if the church was right before God, nothing in the world could stop her from accomplishing its purpose on earth. So he preached his heart out, trying to stir the church to repentance.

Nov. 12: Paul, Martha and I drove up to Maryland 1400 miles to minister to Beth Messiah Fellowship. It was a great time of worship, prayer, intercession, weeping – travail and answered prayer.

Sodom = sex perversion. Sodom = pride and fullness of bread. We have loads of both. God is not on trial, but His church is. Nothing outside the church hinders revival or His return. The bride, so-called, is flirting with the world, the flesh and the devil. Human depravity excels, extends and exalts itself. God is dead as far as capitalism or communism is concerned. Church witness shrinks and stinks. No more street meetings in the US. No more prayer meetings. No more Sunday p.m. meetings. No more sweet hour of prayer. Wednesday night… Bible study and 10 minutes prayer. We cry, O that Thou would rend the heavens. God says, “Rend your hearts, rend your lifestyles, rend your complacency. Men almost screamed out last week, “Teach me to buy eye salve. I am so blind.”

I hope to read your manuscript this week daily. I’m snowed under with requests for people. I hope to get a new, good book to you soon. There is a massive, new book on the Scottish Covenanter Martyrs…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's personal letters, number 4

Rare are the opportunities in this generation to hear from a man who steps out of the presence of God into the pulpit. Ravenhill spent many hours every day in prayer and spoke fearlessly the words that he heard from God. Many loved him and just as many hated him... perhaps more! It is one of the signs of a true prophet.

Margaret heard Ravenhill speak many times during the chapel hour at Bethany Fellowship, as well as in the regular church services. We went to hear him, when he preached anywhere near our home in Minnesota.

June: We expect David (Leonard and Martha's son) to be home about three weeks and I plan to get up there with him – and Martha. Thanks for praying for our two nights in Dallas. God descended. Many were broken before Him. To Him be all praise and glory. Pressed out of measure this week, but He giveth more grace… Memorial Day: We will be at Bethany this Sunday, June 1st. Paul speaking for 45 minutes before morning worship confirmations! I will speak at Soul’s Harbor at 10 a.m. and at Bethany evening service and communion! I’ll take my time. Pray we both will have a well-anointed message for each service. Hope you can come…

June 16: Your presence in the meetings last Sunday in Minneapolis was a real encouragement to me. I feel sure, dear Lowell, that if you had been preaching you would have said the same things. At lunch with Gordy Peterson, he told us of your venture for Him in Germany. Praise Him. “We may trust Him fully, all for us to do. They who trust Him wholly, find Him wholly true.” O for grace to trust Him more…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 18

Dave Ravenhill follows in his father’s footsteps, attacking sin and stirring the church to deep commitment. Dave and Margaret attended Bethany Missionary Training School at the same time. We maintain contact with him to this day. You can find his videos on the internet and he is also an author.

Leonard was raised in on-fire Methodism, but he had no problem with Pentecostals, as long as they held to purity, as well as power, and that the power would be a reality, and not just talk.

Nov. 22, 1987: We talked with Dave in New Zealand last night. There is a glut of houses for sale, but his sold at a good price the first day he was home! Doors are already opening for his ministry in the US. He hopes to leave NZ early in February.

The religion of the east is Confucian; that of the west is confusion. I’m told a preacher in the US finished this statement: Christianity was born in Palestine and became a religion. It was passed into Greece, where it became a philosophy. It was taken to Europe, where it became a cult; then brought to the USA, where it became big business.

The Pentecostals hold onto Acts 1:8 and to 2:4 just as tenaciously; then why not for deacons, Acts-6 style, and evangelists, Acts 8 and 21:8 also? If some person has not shouted from the housetops, “O consistency, thou art a rare jewel!”, then they should do it now. Yes! Azusa St. is a real challenge and the only way to save this nation and this generation from filling hell. ..

The financial crisis that David Wilkerson foretold for many years has finally come. It is taking a toll around the world. I just read today that one out of every four in Spain is out of work. Will there ever be a recovery? I don’t think so. I wonder if it has caused the TV preachers to cut back on their finances. I remember Tozer saying that he had more respect for a bank robber than he did for a preacher, who found ways to separate his congregation from their money!

Paul is Len and Martha’s oldest son. The last I heard, he was living in Argentina. You can also find his material on the internet.

May 17: Thanks for your excellent letter. I agree, Lowell, with all you hear about the Repentance Conferences, they have produced no humility or holiness in this area. A woman cried out in our prayer meeting last night, “Lord, send the nation bankrupt so the TV preachers cannot beg!” Dave Wilkerson has sent out another doomsday newsletter. Time Magazine and Newsweek have depicted a crash in the financial area of the US this year.

Paul, Irene and family may return to Paraguay in June. Circumstances will to some degree decide this. The past weeks there have been demonstrations against the dictator and a bloodbath may emerge from this. We pray for you as you prepare for Germany. The book Revival God’s Way has been published there in German…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 17

In the following letter, Ravenhill gives a little Bible study. I hope you take time to look into your Bibles and meditate on it. And then, he singes hides with his graphic language!

Feb. 12: Precious friends. Greetings in His holy name. We hope you are all well and in the fullness of the blessing. What about the three-fold fullness? Romans 8, v.9 - Spirit of God; V.10 - Spirit of Christ; V.11 - Spirit of holiness. Making v. 37 a glorious reality. More than conquerors… or victory with a margin.

Dr. G. Campbell Morgan said, “A man is not an apostate just because he keeps on teaching heresy. He is apostate, because he has come right up to true light and backed away from it. So then, Oral Roberts and Bakker are apostates. I think that the cause of our national moral degradation and spiritual stagnation is not due to the strength of humanism, but to the weakness of evangelism. The old hell-fire vocabulary of the soul-disturbing, conscience-awakening preaching has vanished. No adulterers now, just folk having “an affair”, no seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, just cults. No whores or harlots, just call girls. No bastards, just outside kids. No liars, just prevarications. No hell, just limbo. So what shall the harvest be?

I’m still painfully struggling with my book, The Judgment Seat. Maybe Volume I will be - Preacher, Go to Hell! One chapter is Mass Evangelism = Mass Murder. Yes, by the way, it leaves converts abandoned at the altar. “Be not many teachers, my brethren” said James.

David will be here and Nancy and family next week. They expect to live near Dallas…

I’ve noticed that the doctrines about the Holy Spirit in the churches, even Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches, haven’t helped much in a practical sense. Ravenhill begins the following letter… The churches today give almost no place to the Holy Spirit. And missions give little more. It’s all about man-power, equipment, and respect for culture. A lot of humanitarianism and little spirituality. Read this letter and believe it, because Len is telling it as it is:

April 9, 1988: Pardon this delay to answer your welcome letter and material. The churches today give almost no place to the Holy Spirit. They do give place to the devil. No more wolves in sheep’s clothing, just plain wolves. Drug wolves, sex wolves, crime wolves, all are welcome via TV. I’m all for the restoration teaching, if it is to bring all deacons to the level of Acts 6 and all evangelists to the level of Acts 8 and Acts 21. O for a crusade with a deacon like Philip: Many with unclean spirits, many with palsies, cried out. We just run such off to the psyco boys! In the past 3 years the Pentecostal testimony has been defamed, defiled and degraded better by its exponents than the last 100 years of opposition from all types of critics. Why not have all Pentecostal people, wearing black, march down Main Sreet with banners, “WE LAMENT THE DEPARTED GLORY FROM OUR MIDST”.

O, the empty professions today. After 500 Friday night prayer meetings, I felt clear to end it and give more time to prayer and to writing, but we had over 40 people come last week for counseling. How it is today - Meat is costly, but flesh is cheap! The Christian life is one of ups and downs, but not one of ins and outs. It is easier to teach church history, than to make it…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 21

This is my final presentation of Len’s letters to us. ‘Behaving the gospel’, was Len’s way of expressing James’ admonition: “be doers of the word and not hearers only.” James felt it was a deception to hear only and so did Len. Apparently, I had written something to Len on the Laodicean Church. I hope you will take to heart Len’s frequent statement… “A sick church in a dying world…”

December 21: My heart says ‘amen’ to the message of your tract. This for sure is the Laodicean ‘church’ age. The world does not believe the Bible and the church does not behave it. It is revival or revolution. His blood to redeem or man’s blood to ruin. A sick church in a dying world is a sorry sight.

Len obviously felt that the church needed to prepare for the Lord’s return… not because he added something to grace, but because there will be a royal wedding. What bride does not adorn herself with the finest? We will let Ravenhill’s final statement bring a close to this series: We need to buy more gold tried in the fire, purged of all alloy!

(no date) Frances Henry Lyte went to Royal Ponton School in Ireland where our boys went 100 years later. Lyte wrote Abide With Me – “The darkness deepens Lord with me abide.” What would he say today?

There is talk here of inhabiting a planet... mess it up with pollutions, old autos and taverns? There is widespread belief here that Jesus will return in September this year, because it is Roshashana - the 50th jubilee. I see no prepared bride, no holy living, no fear of God. But He will come and His reward is with Him. No one will be overpaid at the judgment seat. No one will be underpaid “When the saints go Marching in”.

Burned at the stake, crucified in the flesh, sawn asunder, who would not accept deliverance in today’s hell called Russia. O God, how the creature comforts suffocate ‘saints’ here! Maybe we need to remind believers how judgment will not be entrusted to Gabriel or Michael. It will not be by jury, but by deity, We are writing our own ticket for it. We need to buy more gold tried in the fire, purged of all alloy…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 20

Here Len Ravenhill begins by referring to a message given by his son. He was always concerned about the atmosphere in the meetings. He complained if there was a lot of conversation before they began. “It sounds like a cattle market,” he said. Woe to the person who dared to talk, while he preached. I vividly remember how he stopped to reprimand a whisperer at Spiritual Life Week in a Bible college near our home: “When I’m preaching, you don’t talk! I don’t care if you’re the son of the dean. I don’t fast and pray for my messages, so that people can converse, when I’m giving them.” For Len, there was only one way to conduct a meeting and that was under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He abhorred the manipulations of men and the subtle manifestations of the flesh. If leaders did not know how to move in the Spirit, they had no business in the ministry. No wonder, then, that he wasn’t popular with the 90%, who didn’t have a clue of what it meant to minister by the Spirit of God.

He spoke much of William Booth and the great awakening that came through the Salvation Army. That was a move of the Spirit and Len reveled in it. He also thought much of Mrs. Booth and, as you can see, almost insisted that we obtain her writings… which we did.

May 11: Yesterday, David spoke on the cross and was great. Again a zealous brother spoiled the altar call. Flesh will assert itself through the preachers.

Just to let you know there is a limited edition of all the writings of Mrs. William Booth. I wish you could get their phone number and get a set – never before printed as a set and maybe never will be printed again: Salvation Army Publications…

Can you imagine what it is like to open an envelope and read lines such as these in the second paragraph?

August 29: I hope you ordered Mrs. Booth’s writings. Here is a set you must have to take to Germany. Deep, soul-stirring, heart-warming truths.

Yes, He is coming soon to catch almost all the virgins asleep, coming in unspeakable glory, terrifying majesty and indescribable holiness. Let us not be ashamed at His appearing. We love you and pray for you. He that hath this hope in Him purifieth Himself even as He is pure. No deceit, no known duplicity, no hidden things.

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 19

Because of Len Ravenhill, we came to meet Dick and Bernie Nelson. They began to come regularly to our house meetings in Minnesota. Dick ministered frequently and when we left for Germany, Dick and Bernie drove to Big Lake every Sunday for another year to minister. I wish now, that he could have stayed longer. A few years later, Dick went to be with the Lord.

Just a few days ago, David Hunt also went into eternity. His book, The Seduction of Christianity, was an eye-opener to say the least. I have mentioned it before. My heart is burdened for young Christians of this generation, who, because they know nothing else, think that 21st Century Christianity is normal. They are in desperate need of an awakening, in order to see the awful and powerful deception that has invaded the church.

Sept. 15: I have just written to Dick Nelson. He and Bernie, his wife, are precious saints. Dick is a very able minister of the word – just a layman. You will profit mutually if you can meet.

Glad you enjoyed David Hunt’s book. How alert we need to be to be God’s voice these days. “To whom shall we go?” the disciples asked. “To whom shall we turn?” we may ask. |The answer of course – to Him alone, whose robe is the light and whose canopy is space! I tell students to read Isaiah 46 at least once a week. We… all of us, I fear… have lost sight of the awesome majesty of our Holy Father., and the vastness of eternity….

Len looked for one more moving of God upon His church and through the church, to a lost world. There is only one hope and one way and LR expressed it in the last paragraph. It’s not the newest program or the latest “revelation” by church leaders. If there is to be a fresh revelation, let it be of Christ Himself and Himself alone.

October 15: Bro. Dick Nelson is a fine Christian and a good teacher. He has passed through the fires and has been purified of much – the only way for all of us to go. “Perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord.” It’s uphill all the way to the City of God. I’m wondering when we will get serious about being serious about the judgment threatening the nations – ours included.

“While men slept” the enemy climbed over the fence and sowed tares and now the reaping time has come – and what a harvest. Arm of the Lord awake. Since He is the Head, the arm must be His church – feeble and without strength. But, He will yet arise and scatter His enemies. He will yet shake the nations of the earth. All our man-made systems have failed. We hang upon His mercy…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 13

Looking unto Jesus is a classic by Isaac Ambrose. I hope that the copy sent to us by Ravenhill was not lost in the mail, as he suggested might have happened. That would have been costly. We do have a copy now. My friends Vali and Eliza translated and published it in Romanian. Eliza gave 1 ½ years full-time to translation. It has 1008 pages. One 80-year-old lady wrote them: “I am reading it the second time through my tears.” The old saints loved the great books.

The David mentioned in the letter is Len and Martha’s son and a friend of ours. He follows in his dad’s footsteps. Look for his sermons and books on the internet.

June 3: David has gone back to AZ. He leaves for Singapore next week.

Wall Street inside trading on one hand and the other drug dealing. Washingon – lies and more lies. There is a big vacuum in the nation at this point. A Holy Spirit-filled pulpit could meet its need. The only one to judge this world is He who created it. He who bore its sin. He who is the only blessed and holy potentate, blessed forevermore. There will be no out-of-court settlements.

Did the book “Looking Unto Jesus” arrive? Maybe stolen. Could we send another copy? …

I don’t know what the “go-east” thing is that Len mentions in the next letter. It’s hard to keep up with all the fads that come and go. Do any of you remember PTL? In its day, it was an immensely popular “Christian” TV production. Jimmy Bakker, its protagonist, went to jail for the misuse of $60,000,000.

July 4: One wonders, will the 200 million dollars spent on PTL be the greatest ministry burn-out at the judgment seat… all wood, hay and stubble. A brother sent me the New Definitive Life of Jonathan Edwards. The book is Banner of Truth. I will send you a copy, if you wish and will be sure to get it.

Now we are told there are 1 million people in the US afflicted with AIDS. Some people request to hold a crucifix when they die, others a Bible. Do the sex maniacs want to hold a copy of Playboy when they cross over? I doubt it.

There is a go-east hear here this week… youth meetings at 11:30 p.m. Why? What acceleration there is in iniquity! Where is the voice God will yet arise to scatter His enemies? God grant you glorious revelation…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal letters, number 12

Here are two more letters from Ravenhill. A few of the first letters that I received from him were dictated, such as the second one posted below, because he was just recovering from a stroke. Listen to the beat of a heart that grieves along with the heart of God. This is a man who, in his youth, walked from one end of England to another, evangelizing… twice. He witnessed powerful movings of God and the formation of churches after his evangelism brought people to Christ… so he understood what true evangelism was and what was a sham to draw crowds and pick people’s pockets in the name of Christ. Who cannot be angry, when the God, who you know and love, is defamed by conscienceless men?

May 4: Greetings in His peerless name. I can fully understand your disgust and distress at the present state of evangelism in the US and for that matter in most parts of the ‘Christian’ world... the appalling showmanship on TV that goes in His name. The ‘stars’, who are saved and yet live in the muck of Hollywood… the gold gluttons who weep over the TV for their ministry, but never weep for souls… all this is vain. Christ is wounded in the house of His friends. Revival is not important to the life of America; it is imperative. The answer is not the Moral Majority, but a Holy Minority. Schaefer says that the Christians should have protest marches. Since when? By what Scriptural authority? The cults march on, while the ‘church’ sleeps on. What will it take to awake her? Maybe the Lord will have to strangle the economy of the nation to get the attention of the ‘church’. I am sure that the nation will suffer for the sin of the church, rather than the church suffer for the sin of the nation…

What is the anointing? One black preacher said, “I don’t know what it is, but I know what it ain't!” I know that it’s not eloquence or emotion. I know that it is there sometimes, when you think it is not and not there other times, when you think it is. There is one sure mark of the anointing: People’s hearts are moved and lives are changed forever. I fear standing alone before people with an open Bible, but an empty heart.

August 16, 1983: I’m glad to know you’re making some impact with your writings. I, too, deplore this horrible presentation of the gospel through mime and puppets. God said out of the mouth of babes and sucklings He’s ordain praise, but not out of these mechanical, horrible things that are going on these days. They will have to be brought low... there’s no question about that… before God can pour out of His Spirit. I’ve been thinking so much lately of Paul’s word, where he said, “… my preaching was not in words, … but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.” I’m afraid much preaching today is only lecturing. It doesn’t need anointing and it doesn’t have anointing. But my prayer is that God will restore the “thus saith the Lord” in a genuine way with the Spirit anointing it. I am dictating this; I’m not able to write at present. I’m just pulling out of this stroke very slowly, day by day. I’m praising the Lord for His goodness…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 16

Today, I will just post this one letter, but please absorb it! Here is a man, who believed and experienced a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit. He saw that the Scripture taught no cessation of the powerful gifts of the Spirit in the ministry of the Church. Yet, he did not scratch the “charismatic itch” for sensationalism or place experience over the Word. He knew that the explosion of physical manifestations in our time was not true revival and that success and popularity was not a proof of godliness. Len was content just to please God and to give people a word from heaven, but, as always, ‘from the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias’, this was done at great personal cost.

Jan 25: So good to get your letter just now. Thanks. My neighbor is all lit up about J. D. book. I am glad for your evaluation of it. One perceptive brother told me J.D. interpretation of scripture has been the nerve of YWAM.

All these 21 ministries in the area boycott me, because I will not minister with Charismatics. The popular interpretation of John 17 is He prayed that we all might be one. Was Jesus one with Pharisees and Sadducees? Did Jesus kiss Judas? The ones, which thou hast given me – they have kept thy word. Have the Romanists kept His word? Is Mary co-redemptive with Jesus? Not according to the glorious verse in Hebrews 1:3, “By Himself purged our sins.” Last week 3 different persons unknown to each other told us the Bush era will be one of pain and darkness and that a worse plague of sex-scandal in ministries will be uncovered. I am cancelling all preaching this year, except maybe to a country church and one house fellowship. This will hurt Paul and David most, since we go 50/50 with them. But this book on Judgment Seat must be done – priority. It is the kind of book to write on how to lose friends and irritate people. Evangelists raise money. Prophetic-type ministry raises hell!

It is so good to read of your family’s outreach. A man came to see me last week… 25 years ago he was up at the top with Oral Roberts and Branham. He ‘saw’ where big time healing was going and pulled away from it. He has been almost totally hidden for 25 years…

Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Personal Letters, number 10

Today at midday, I gave the Bible study for the Spanish program, “The Church and the Last Things”, speaking from Revelation 12. I came across verses 9-10 about Satan, who deceives the whole world and is the accuser of the brethren. After the disciples were brought before Jerusalem’s leaders, they prayed, not that they would escape persecution, but that they would speak the Word with Holy Spirit boldness. I spent a good deal of time, expounding on the world and its leaders being under satanic deception and how Satan has and is convincing the nations that God’s people are dangerous, deceived and destructive. Therefore we can expect persecution in the future. It is not hard for me to imagine being taken to court and having these radio programs used as evidence against me!

Then, I take out one of Len’s letters and smile at his absolute brashness and lack of political correctness. He mentioned names and organizations freely in his criticism. In fact, I feel constrained to omit some. No, I didn’t always agree with him, but I always thanked God for such a fearless one, who could not be silenced nor evade the consequences of the powerful declaration of truth. Read and profit!

Wed. Ap. 27: Beloved, thanks for your most encouraging letter. There is a Greek fable that a fiery dragon roared out of a cave each year, demanding seven young warriors which it devoured. None dare defy the dragon. Today we have an empty-bellied dragon called war glaring at today’s crop of youth and wanting to devour it. We spend millions of dollars to sharpen the teeth of this blood-lusting monster. Peace treaties are paralyzed paper forces, just as paper theology floats on a sea of carnal reasoning. Here is my view: Today the Christian must say ‘no’ to this whole world system, which is but damnation frosted over with the glitter of success and illuminated with scientific luster, nevertheless it is a work eaten with depravity and it has God’s sentence of death upon it.

Today’s evangelists here in the USA care for the crowd. The old-time preachers cared for souls. The old-time preachers knew nothing of commercials, computers or compromise. I believe that sometimes we are disabled in order to be enabled. If we could find King David’s harp, could it be played without first being tuned up? Will the teaching of Wesley or Finney be fruitful without a new breath from God upon it? …

When you have taken time to meditate on that above, then try to digest this:

Aug.22: Thanks for your disturbing letter and its disgusting news. When a godly missionary from India dropped in here, he had stopped by ???? in Hawaii. He challenged that they had no dress code on the campers. Girl’s shorts were indecent. They are okay so long as their cheeks are not showing.

Bill Gaither team and Debbie Boone will sing here this week-end for $15 per person. Maybe 5000 will go. They would not come to my prayer meeting for free! That very welcome thief TV has stolen godly fellowship from home. Innocent games ??? Bibles in hiding until Sunday… TV made pastors sports’ specialists with a side attraction as Peeping Toms. TV=Terrifyingly Vicious… Tormentingly Vulgar… Too greatly Victorious in shattering home peace and home unity. Sport is king of the world, Entertainment his queen. They hold court daily, demanding hourly attention, causing strife and division, argument and contention. It is not cruelty in the world that obstructs Christ’s return, but carnality in the church. Today’s preaching has failed to make Christ attractive, while it has made sin inoffensive. TV is a pipeline from hell into the modern sitting room. Pipeline number 2 is dialaphone. A 14-year-old just dialed $4000 of porno conversation into his grandmother’s home unknown to her.

Paul, Irene and family are home until Christmas . Their 8-year-old has a vicious diabetes…

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 Re: Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s Personal Letters

There has never been more talk on faith and never more begging.
There has never been more evangelism and never less revival.
There has never been more Bible teaching and never more confusion.
There have never been more believers and never less disciples.
There has never been more action and never less unction.
There has never been more seminars and never less saints.
There has never been more Bible knowledge and never less understanding.
There have never been more outward riches and never more inward rags.
There has never been more feasting and never less fasting.
There has never been more believing and never less behaving the gospel.”

Brother thank u so much for this excellent post. I was just listening to a podcast by LR yesterday about David. How his writing were handwritten in Blood.. I truly enjoy His writings and his son David is good too. There is so much meat and TRUTH.. Why revival tarries if my favorite. I will be sure to check out this site.. LR hung outwith Dwilkerson and Stevn Hill hung out with them.. Iron sharpens iron for sure..


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 Re: Quotes from Leonard Ravenhill’s Personal Letters

Leonard Ravenhill was "the real deal." He died brokenhearted, though, that the church in the USA was simply unwilling to pay the price for true revival.

It is sad, too, to see what Bethany House (publishers) mutated into. It has another name, and a very different agenda. Ravenhill was a fine man, and his writings are edifying. His 1959 volume WHY REVIVAL TARRIES is a classic. Powerful and penetrating.

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