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 Re: Relevance and Usefulness of Seminary?

Interesting question. Very important though.

Biblical training in the apostles' doctrine is essential and should be placed as a high priority in the church.

The problem I always had with Bible College (have my BA in theology myself) is this: Why do you have to go off to Bible College to get the information necessary to teach the saints? Why can't this be available in the local church?? I say it should be.

While there is nothing wrong with Bible College as such, most I could not recommend. So many are liberal and filled with fruitless or false information.

Another thing to think about. I noticed that those teaching at Bible College had little practical ministry experience. My friends and I noted that when you teach, you are reproducing yourself to an extent. We asked, "Why would I want to be a reproduction of this man?" If we are a copy of this man, we will only produce what he produced. And for us, we wanted to produce millions of souls for the kingdom. (We were pretty zealous!)

This is all pretty extreme for most people. But we were young and I think we had an element of truth.

So why don't we have seminary level education in the local church? I think people aren't hungry enough to make time to learn. How hungry are we for God?


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roadsign, this is indeed The Word of the Lord today!

one must first of all learn to be taught by the Spirit. And that happens in the wilderness - alone with God. It happenes through loneliness, neediness, and brokenness.

I call it The Sacred Place of Loneliness - that is God's seminary

You know when Truth is spoken, its when it hits you right in the heart..and says YES! Thank You, Diane :-)


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