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  New year challenge


Encourage you to listen to this new-year message that Brother Zac Poonen gave at CFC Bangalore on Sunday January 8, 2017.

At the end of the message, he urged everyone to pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

He suggested that we do TWO things in this new year:

1. Each day: “Forget the things that are behind us and press on to the things that lie ahead” (Phil.3:13).

That means that we live each day as if we had never done anything for the Lord thus far, to show our gratitude to Him.

And we live each day as if that were the very first day that we were living for Him.

2. Confess meaningfully that “Without Christ, I can do nothing” and “With Christ, I can do everything” (John 15:5 and Phil.4:13).

[“nothing” meaning “nothing of eternal worth”; and “everything” meaning “everything in the will of God for our life”].

May we all live like that in this new year.

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 Re: New year challenge

Wow. Humbling. This is SO worth watching. Maybe 10 times.
Hearing this from message from a lot of you here.
Sis L

Leslie Young

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 Re: New year challenge

Just finished hearing the sermon. Very Very powerful. I found the sermon mentioning exact things that the Lord is working in my life as well. I would suggest everyone to listen to it.


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 Re: New year challenge



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