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Hemel Hempstead

 State of Theology in the USA and UK

It is interesting that when surveyied how many christians new basic questions to basics about Christian theology

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: State of Theology in the USA and UK

Wow. Thanks for posting that.


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 Re: State of Theology in the USA and UK

HI Dominic, I would venture to guess that if these same questions were asked in the UK, the results would be even worse. I think that what we are dealing with is the great falling away and leaders and theologians and ministries just cannot get their head around that, its too big a concept for them. Just imagine if it is true, the the great falling away is in full flow and people knew it, that would shatter the illusion of our every day life. Life for the Christian could not be the same if they accepted that they had come to a certain time and place in the prophetic calendar. Ministers and pastors who are busy building " their church," would suddenly be confronted with the reality that Jesus was coming back very soon and they would have to urge their lukewarm congregations to actually stand up and be counted, be very different from the world that was soon to face the final judgement. Now, I know that this has always been the truth for the Church, but so has death for every human being but when they reach the thresh-hold of it everything changes................bro Frank

 2017/1/3 19:36

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