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 Our Kingdom is not of this earth (Zac Poonen)

[b]Our Kingdom is not of this earth [/b]([url=]MP3[/url] / [url=]Video[/url])
[i]Zac Poonen[/i]

I just watched this sermon by [url=]Zac Poonen[/url] this afternoon. I'm not into the "this sermon will change your life"-stuff, but it really touched my heart and I pray that God will deal with me drastically.

I made the following comment to the sermon:
[i]"...who suppose that godliness is a means of gain" (1 Tim 6:5)[/i]. God used this sermon to expose the true condition of my heart. It’s possible to seemingly live a life of holiness, devotion and zeal for God and still serve “Self”. How do you know? You know it when godliness is just a means of gain to you and you therefore turn away from it, as soon as it’s going to cost you something, satisfying yourself somewhere or in someone/something else.

Who shall be my Master? Is God a mean or is He an end? Do I desire to gain Christ (receiving His blessings that will follow), or do I want to live a blessed life and use Him only to improve the satisfaction rate of it?

Take the time to listen to this sermon and let God not only challenge you, but change you!

Although brother Poonen mostly speaks about the desire to have money and the love of it, he shares some very amazing truths. Truths that will touch many other areas of your life.

I need to listen to this sermon a second time, because the first time I heard it, God immediately cut deep in my heart and revealed a truth to me. Namely that I only serve God because I love it...and when I don't, I don't serve Him and get my satisfaction from doing other things or being somewhere else.

It's time to lay down and as Tina (Tinluke) pointed out in another thread: [b]stop trying, start dying[/b].

I only find this to be very difficult, because the truth of the matter is that I'm afraid that I will not change. The words of Leonard Ravenhill keep on chasing me, time and time again: "The question isn't: were you challenged? The question is: were you changed?"

Oh Lord, I believe, help my unbelief! Help me to give up, lay down, surrender. He's after me going to the Cross. Not just to go to it, but get on it! Leave [b]all[/b] and follow there any other way? No. [url=]Zac Poonen[/url]


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