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Discussion Forum : General Topics :  Our Sacred Opinion – or?

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  Our Sacred Opinion – or?

One of our most sacred democratic rights is the right to express our own opinions – even if it is not rooted in factual truth or love. I was reminded of that after reading through a thread which was (wisely) locked a few minutes ago.

Through observation over the years, I’ve come to believe that when one opens a thread with an opinion, perhaps presented as a fact with little substantive evidence to support it - the conversation tends to digress. It has nowhere else to go!

Mind you, we really can’t point fingers. We’re saturated in this environment of “sacred” opinions. And it’s hard to see the water we’re swimming in.

I believe that God’s children must rise above this phenomenon –and intentionally resist floating in this stream. And so I would like this thread to be a challenge to us all – to share and to submit scriptures, experiences, or wise words which help us develop a resiliency to this propensity. This is about building up our spiritual armour – and becoming wise thinkers – so we won’t be tempted so easily toward opinion-ism!

Proverbs 1:2,3 “… for gaining wisdom and instruction, for understanding words of insight, for receiving instruction in prudent….”

Go for it…



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 Re: Our Sacred Opinion – or?

I had the thought recently (was it the Lord?) "I can be full of knowledge and opinions, but what really matters is practical spiritual application in my life". Am I patient, loving, full of grace/the Spirit, etc.

Maybe this might apply to some others as well as me?


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