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 Looking for fellowship here in Finland

Blessing to you all...

I moved in Finland 9 months ago. I cannot find a church near me that holds a sound doctrine teaching. I am yearning to have fellowship with fellow believer of Christ.

Is there anyone here who lives in Finland's metropolitan area (Vantaa, Helsinki, Espoo)?

God Bless you, all :)

 2016/12/10 16:42

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 Re: Looking for fellowship here in Finland

My stepdaughter studied for a semester in Finland - jyvaskyla (sp?). Anyway she was a baby Christian and when she was there it was a dark place literally (wintertime) and spiritually. She felt surrounded by atheists and was ridiculed for being a believer. She was really blue and homesick at first. However, the experience did grow her up in her faith.

I pray you can find a solid fellowship.


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 Re: Looking for fellowship here in Finland

"I am yearning to have fellowship with fellow believer of Christ."

God will lead you to other believers as you
pray. It may not be a organized church but
a House church.


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Maybe contact CFC INDIA to see if they know contacts in Finland to fellowship with?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Although I don't have any personal contact with any churches/believers in Finland, a dear brother known to our fellowship has been speaking at a church in Finland. You can find videos of these meetings on YouTube by searching for 'Les Wheeldon' and 'One Way'. I believe they are based in Helsinki and can find their contact details by searching the web.

God Bless you,


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 Re: Looking for fellowship here in Finland

Dear Sister,
It is good to see all the responses here to help you!
You will know to turn to the right or to the left for God will guide you!

I have two friends, a couple who went to Finland as God sent them there in the 80' s. I contacted them and they gave me a name of a church in Helsinki and better yet the name of a true believer in Finland. A woman who lives in Helsinki. If you would like me to send you the info just email me, it is listed on my profile. Or if you prefer I can send the info to Greg to send you.

Sister Leslie


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