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 Suffering is swallowed up in privelege.

Helen Roseveare who just died said " Suffering is swallowed up in privelege.

Suffering is swallowed up in privilege. The privilege and the honor of representing Jesus, of being that light to a dark world. I think very few people ever truly get to experience the true depths of what that actually means. It really is true that the deeper the valley the higher the mountaintop. There is a direct correlation between the two. God dismantles the lives of those who truly desire to follow Him with all of their hearts. It is certainly not for the feint of heart. After the dismantling, the crushing, the brokenness then one is in a place to experience the mountaintop in the very depths of the valley. I think of Paul in the dungeon, the deepest part of the dungeon, in stocks no less. That very day he had been scourged. Now, he could have cried out to God in that darkness " have I not had enough?" Yet, the only noise that was coming from that dark place was praises in the midnight hour. And in the darkest of places the light of God shone. God came down. The whole building shook with the power of God and the doors that kept the prisoners captive were flung open, and the jailer, who was undoubtedly among the most vilest of men, discovered God and was transformed , he and his whole family. Now that is the power of the broken saint. Now, who wants to be broken?........bro Frank

 2016/12/8 13:58

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