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 Enthusiastic new member

I discovered this website a few years ago as a result of one of your members talking about a book that I wrote. At that time, it was closed to new registrations, and then I forgot about it. The other day I remembered your site and discovered that I could finally join your discussions. Hurray!

I have long believed that the Kingdom of God is for children. Only children can understand it. And, through our union with Christ, God is seeking to train us to live with child-like faith so we can know like He wants us to know. Our only hindrance is all that we know, and believe, that actually isn't true, and has thus become a barrier to truth that God is delighted to share.

As I often say, "Children are born brilliant and simple. It is what we learn that makes life difficult."

I'm not talking about theology. Of course, what we believe theologically is very important. But, the foundation of our theological beliefs is everything we believed before coming to God, including things about God that we wouldn't really consider theological. Through a very painful life, I have learned that there are things I know and/or believe that God wants to change so that He can more fully reveal Himself to me. What an adventure!

God reveals Himself to and in each one of us uniquely. No one has the same relationship with God that anyone else has. Parents with more than one child know that their relationship with each is unique. Each child knows the parent differently. So too, the children of God. As a result of our fellowship together, we all come to know God not only as a result of how He reveals Himself to us individually but how He reveals Himself through others. Oh, what a joy!

I look forward to the discussions and sharing.

 2016/12/6 15:18

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 Re: Enthusiastic new member

Hi James and welcome. I like what you have written in your first post and look forward to your further contributions. I hope you remain enthusiastic!


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 Re: Enthusiastic new member

Welcome brother!

Look forward to your contribution.



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 Re: Enthusiastic new member

welcome aboard brother...strap yourself in it gets interesting around here:-)

 2016/12/6 17:57

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Welcome to the SermonIndex forums. Looking forward to your contributions and may we all decrease and see our Lord increase (John 3:30).

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Thank you, Greg.

 2016/12/7 12:40


Thank you, Awakened, William, and Dave.

 2016/12/7 12:42


 2016/12/8 14:56

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