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 Featured Sermon: Christus Victor! by Art Katz


This is a powerful message that needs to be heard by many.

Description: Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, and it was what was demonstrated at the Cross that is His triumph over the whole demonic realm. The early church had this perspective, and it needs to be ours at the end, for surely that same demonstration will be required. We need to see the spiritual realm as the apostles and Jesus saw it. The reality of the spiritual realm is the same as it was 2000 years ago.

some one comments:

"Surely what is lacking in the church is the need to see the proper view of the spiritual realm. The demonic realm is very real and potent and we must believe the reality of such things."

another says:

"This is a great revelation of the Demonic realm we all need to be aware of the spirit realm and that the church is not fighting against flesh and blood. We need more teaching like this."

You can download and listen to the message here:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Featured Sermon: Christus Victor! by Art Katz

Agreed Greg.

Listened to it a few days ago and was blessed by our brother's depth of understanding and maturity.

He emphasizes the importance of the church in God's plan, especially how powerful a weapon against dark forces a body of believers living in unity and living consecrated, humble self denying lives can be. What can the enemy do against a people who do not fear death or pain of suffering?

Great message and highly recommended.



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 Re: Featured Sermon: Christus Victor! by Art Katz

Powerful message indeed. Wow, very eyeopening! Thank you for sharing.

 2016/11/28 14:53

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 Re: Featured Sermon: Christus Victor! by Art Katz

Agreeing with you all in this. When I heard this message and ones like it from Art Katz several years ago, it took a while to sink in because I had been trained in the charismatic warfare way and I know God did not slap me down for praying the way I did, but this story of Art's eyes being opened to the folks in the hospital ( the powers of darkness working in a good institution, I'm not against hospitals )insisting he be relieved of pain...when he didn't want or need it) confirmed what I had known in my spirit for years! Suffering and pain are not our enemy because our body is already dead in Christ and our victory is in the resurrection truth of Christ our Lord. Fending off all pain and suffering will put us in the place of Peter when he said to Jesus "this will never happen to you!"Referring to death on a cross. And Jesus spoke directly to Satan who put that thought into Peter's head. "Get behind me Satan for you do not have in mind the things of God."

Most who come onto this site after listening to the voices of born again saints throughout the ages, GET IT. The modern church which has aligned itself with the world and humanitarian secularism is always in the business of alleviating pain and suffering in the Satanic way of saying, "God is unfair, A loving God would not allow..."

This is the huge divide which so many here understand. And I pray many more Christian's ears and eyes be opened to God's ways, which are not our humanistic ways.

Our God is merciful and loving and longsuffering,
Sis Les


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This a message with great insights into the spirit of this world and the place the Church needs to be in to expose it. Very relevant I would suggest to some of the topics discussed on here recently.


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