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 2028 End Website

A fellow I used to work with (and with whom I am friends on Facebook) told me about this website. I have always been wary of date setters, and from what I gather, the man that runs this website, Gabriel Ansley Erb, is completely out to lunch. It might be rather harmless if he just made some predictions, I would hope people have common sense enough to dismiss what he is saying about the world ending in 2028 as foolish, but the man is convincing people that the way to be saved is to keep the Ten Commandments, and my friend on Facebook is listening to him. I tried to convince my friend from the scriptures that salvation has nothing to do with the works of the law. Please pray that God would keep this man from preying on people, and that he would also come to know the truth.

Nigel Holland

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 Re: 2028 End Website

False teachers will abound. Pray for your friend to follow Jesus's first admonition on these things. "See that you are not deceived." I ask the Lord now to draw him close, guard his mind from this other man's errors, and to cause him to understand the truth.


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