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To my knowledge the only organizations who have and use catechisms for membership into the church is Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed and maybe Episcopal?

I know Pentecostal's do not use it nor do Baptists except for reformed. Does anyone know the reason why?


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 Re: Catechism


That is a good question there is a usefulness to Catechism or systematic questions answering the faith we believe.

the Bohemian Brethren and renewed Moravians used it:

The Catechism of the Bohemian Brethren. Translated from the old German, with an Introduction

Methodism (John Wesley) used this method for training.

Catechism for the use of the Methodist missions :

another here:

John Wesley regarded all members as probationers and called them “catechumens.”According to Frederick Norwood, “He considered that he was following apostolic precedent in separating from the body of ‘hearers’ those who were convinced, and organizing them into a society of ‘catechumens.’”

I just learned that those preparing for baptism in Augustine’s congregation were likely required to study if not master (memorize) 800 excerptps [sic] of scripture totaling 60,000 words, some as long as Matthew 5-7. They were arranged as they appeared in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. If quoted start to finish, it would take approximately six hours of consecutive quotation.

Cyprian’s students only had to master 33,000 words arranged topically! They could be quoted in three and one half hour.

Of course we can go much further in the Biblical account of the Book of Acts in introducing much training before baptism (that was the origin of the Catechism). But there is a usefulness in memorizing Scripture and some systematic answers to our holy faith in the Lord.

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There is also one called the New City catechism.

There is an app with videos featuring men from The Gospel Coalition. Whatever your views of them are, the catechism they have is a really good tool.


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 Re: Catechism

I know this is not a direct answer to your question, but it is indirectly related to the subject.

When I read your post, what came to mind were the following three books by Paul E. Little;

1) Know What You Believe
2) Know Why You Believe
3) Know Who You Believe

Easy reads which have been helpful to many.

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I want to add this to the thread. There are different catechisms and every church is dogmatic about theirs so that if one were to use a cathechism whose would be used?

I have a Lutheran small catechism that I got from my dad a long time ago. I remember that the only thing I disagreed with is infant baptism. I currently attend a Presbyterian church and they have a family catechism. That thing scares me a bit simply because it will be about reformed theology and I don't know that I totally agree with that 'stuff'.

How do you know which catechisms you would use?


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