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 The Early Anabaptists, The Approaching Wave of Persecution

It what's a bright clear beautiful morning in December. Many of the tourists who had come to Thailand and Indonesia to take advantage of the warm weather were celebrating Christmas. They were sitting out on the veranda and the patios of the luxury hotels where they were staying at. Looking out at the beautiful blue sea. Some of them noticed there was a wave in the distance. But paid no attention. Those that were walking along the beach so the wave coming but again paid no attention period even when water went out. It did not seem strange to them. Some of them went out and picked up fish and others were mesmerized by the pretty shells that were left by the receding waters. Failing to realize that a tsunami traveling at 500 miles an hour with a hundred foot wall of water would soon envelop them. This was one of the accounts I read of the tragic tsunami that hit Indonesia and Thailand in the mid 2000.

Below is a link to a prophetic message given by a man of God. Denny Kenniston gave the message the approaching wave of persecution as part of his series on the oral history of the anabaptist. Our brother says the most loving words that one can hear our words of warning. But those that are led by the Holy Spirit please listen to this message with a prayerful heart. I found myself praying after each of his points on how to prepare for the approaching wave of persecution

This message is from the sermon index archives. It is a treasure. This message is well worth listening to. More importantly. It is well worth heeding. Out brother Denny Kenaston is now in the presence of Jesus.


 2016/11/20 9:00

 Re: The Early Anabaptists, The Approaching Wave of Persecution

Thank you Brother, will listen to this.

 2016/11/20 11:17

 Re: Sheri

My sister trust the Denny Kenniston message will be a bkessing to you.

Also including link to movie, The Radicals. Very well made movie about Michael and Margaritte Sattler. They were young Anabaptist leaders who suffered for Jesus.


 2016/11/20 11:45


I watched "The Radicals" yesterday. Was very eye opening. Thank you for sharing it. God bless you

 2016/11/20 11:48

 Re: The Early Anabaptists, The Approaching Wave of Persecution

Just finished listening to Brother Denny. What a timely word to the body of Christ. I didn't really know who the Anabaptists were, but quite honestly, from what Ive heard so far, this is very much the kind of fellowship Ive desired.

Throughout the sermon, a passage of scripture would come to mind, right after that, Brother Denny would share the very same passage. Thank you so much Brother Bear for sharing this with the body.

Please pray for me. The Lord is working, but so much self has yet to die. I need to be crushed, the Lord knows. God bless you Brother.

 2016/11/20 13:46

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 Re: The Early Anabaptists, The Approaching Wave of Persecution

Thanks Bear. I'll listen to it soon.

 2016/11/21 4:35Profile

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