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 Video Story of Michael & Margaritte Sattler

Brothers and Sisters

Here is a very excellent movie. Story of Michael & Margaritte Sattler. They were leaders in the early Anabaptists. The video is very well made with a powerful message. The context and history are accurate. Yet enjoyable to watch.

Please be advised the persecution scene may not be suitable for children. But very low-keyed for adults. I have seen this video several times and it is worth watching. Video is about an hour and a half long.

May want to watch this as soon as possible. It has a tendency of being yanked from YouTube.


 2016/11/18 14:11

 Re: Video Story of Michael & Margaritte Sattler

Saints it us very seldom one finds a good Christian based movie to watch. Some of the so called Christian movies I have seen are nothing more than Christian fairy tales with a happy ending. So syrupy with no substance. So unreal.

Other so called Christian movies are adventure pretrib rapture movies with a left behind soul who finds Jesus. Often after his Christian family having been snatched away. Thus this bravely converted soul finds other saints in an underground church setting. They are bravely fighting the Antichrist. That while the other part of the bride is getting fat in heaven at the bridal feast of the Lamb. Okay. Please pardon my sourcasm. But highly unlikeky.

The Rsdicals is an excellent movie presently available on YouTube. (Last time I checked) ot is filmed on location. Many of its actors are descendants of the original Anabaptist which is the backdrop of this movie.

The movie features the story of Michael and Margstitte Sattler. They were young leaders on the Anabaptist movement of the 1500's. Movue gas a powerful messsge for us today. Yet enjoyable to watch. Movie is good compliment yo Denny Kenniston's audio Oral History of the Anabaptist in the SI archives.

Reposting link to movie. Do wstch and be blessed.


 2016/11/20 12:13

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