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 THE SCARLET WOMAN - Revelation 17

An Exposition and Explanation of Revelation 17

This book will take you on a remarkable journey of discovery into the identity of the Scarlet Woman who rides on the back of the scarlet beast which has seven heads and ten horns in Revelation 17.

This mysterious vision is an important part of the Unveiling of the person of Christ to the Church in the last days. This is certainly one of the most neglected and misunderstood chapters on Bible prophecy within the Church today. In this book we will investigate the history, the present condition, and the future destiny of Mystery Babylon.

For most this book will be revolutionary, shocking, groundbreaking, enlightening, inspiring, engrossing and challenging. I cannot emphasise strongly enough just how vital this book will be for all preachers and for the spiritual health and purity of all local churches. This is a prophetic warning from Christ through the written scriptures, as well as a highly practical guide, for the Bride of Christ in the 21st century in order to walk free from the deception of this spiritual and idolatrous harlot.

You can access the kindle version of the book at the following link and read the first three chapters for free.

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 Re: THE SCARLET WOMAN - Revelation 17

Are we allowed to promote our own books on here now?


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I emailed and spoke with this brother about our guidelines to not promote your own materials and that articles can be shared within measure, he acknowledged this and I felt it would be fine to leave up these 2 posts.

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