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Hi John

I saw your post and the responses which had been on my heart to respond to you. God has used little signs in my past to stir up my thinking or were he wanted me to study his word. In the area of 666 interpretations there is a lot of really bad scripture teachings in this area. without getting into due to different beliefs, i have found 2 very strong sound teachings in this area by Milton Green and Zac Poonan. I have studied this myself before hearing these sermons and God had led me into the same understanding.

I have found that when i am interested in subject i will see it everywhere I go and i know see this as part of my renewing of the mind on a subject. I am very cautious now not to interpret what i am seeing with out sourcing out the bible and holy spirit first. Seek the spiritual meaning first and the typologies which represent the same thing. :)

karl rashleigh

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It is interesting in a house church meeting last week just a few days after this thread another very sound biblical brother shared the same thing that he saw 666 on a receipt and for some reason it unsettled him and he sensed the Holy Spirit say to him the end is near and the antichrist is alive on the earth.

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