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 A little spiritual news on the home front.

This week, my daughter and a couple of her friends from school -- each of them from a different kind of home spiritually speaking -- had a long sort of girl talk with my wife. The topic started around one of the girls wanting to start a club at school aimed at "good girls".

My wife quizzed them. She asked them to define what a "good girl" is. They responded in the typical ways for girls their age: girls who follow the rules, who are nice and not mean, who don't do things with boys, etc. My wife asked, "Ok. Let me ask you this. Who are you to say I'm not good if I want to show my body to a boy?"

One girl said, "Well, it's just not right. It's just wrong."

My wife said, "Who says?" Silence.

My wife then said, "Are you all 'good'?"

(You can see where this is going.)

They all (even my daughter) said, "Yes."

My wife said, "Do you know who the Bible says is good?" The same girl who said showing your body is wrong said, "Jesus?".

My wife: "Yes, Jesus. Do you know who else the Bible says is good?" Silence.

My wife: "The Bible says, "There is none good, no not one, but God."

She explained their depravity. She explained hell as the consequence of our sinfulness. She explained Christ as God the Son who became a man and died on the cross for our sins and who rose again and who will return to judge all of us. She explained that only in Him, by faith and repentance from our own sin and our own control of our own lives, do we have hope.

The girls said, of their own accord, "We need to read the Bible." They even said they wanted to start a Bible club (as opposed to a good girls' club). My wife said, "No. You need to come together, just you three for now, and read your bibles and be part of a real fellowship." Of course, she said they could join us and we would walk them together through some things as a group if they wanted.

I don't know if they'll take that invitation. It rocked me so hard when my wife told me what'd happened (I'd been working all afternoon this Sunday) that I got really small in my heart and determined not to touch the thing that God is doing. My instinct is to jump in and start directing and encouraging, etc. But, these are 12-13 year old girls and I don't even really know one of them (the other is a frequent guest). I know if I do that they'll probably do what most kids that age do and turn off their ears. So, I'm praying.

I'm asking you to pray that the Holy Spirit will swiftly bring them all to a real experience of salvation, to sanctification and to fullness of the Spirit. Time is short. My daughter is like any young Christian who struggles with the world's ways. We instruct, we include, we teach, we pray, we try to demonstrate in everyday life as well. But, we're not her. We've prayed for God to do a work in her to bring her to more hunger for Him. We see this as some of that.

I appreciate you prayers. Don't know how quickly or even if this will develop into a part of our home fellowship. These girls' parents may not want them to or allow them to be a part. And, the one girl I keep mentioning had said her family was hurt at a church and that they don't go anymore. I don't have any idea what may have happened or where. But, we are being very cautious not to exert our own desires for even her family (whom we do not know) until we hear from the Lord more definitively as to how/when/if He wants us to make an overture to them.

Pray that the enemy does not take away this seed, and that it does not wither, is not choked, but takes deep root and bears eternal, God-glorifying fruit in them.


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 Re: A little spiritual news on the home front.

Amen, brother!
What wonderful news.
Oh yes, it definitely sounds like a seed the Lord is planting. May He who began this good work complete it. May He anoint your wife, give her His words to say, His heart for those precious girls.
May the Lord Himself be a shield roundabout you all at this time.

God bless you, brother.


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Oh, I will pray, brother! I have no greater burden than that for the young people, that they would find Christ, and find Him with a zeal that will carry them through the days ahead. Pls update as you can.

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