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Sree wrote: "Ha ha... Satan should have lost his mind to persecute the mega churches! If AntiChrist brings a world order then mega churches will be the first to follow his order, why will he divide and persecute people who are waging no war against him or his kingdom?"

Then again, why would Satan bother persecuting little house churches that no one notices? How would that result in the worldwide persecution we keep hearing about?

I have often wondered if Satan is stupid. Why would he do something (persecute christians) when he knows this results in stronger christians? He must see the fruit of his labor whenever he persecutes. So why does he keep doing it? Or maybe it isn't him doing it?


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Then again, why would Satan bother persecuting little house churches that no one notices?

The house churches no one notices because they choose to be like that. For example in my church, we want God to send people to our place. Yes we also invite our neighbors and colleagues. We do personal evangelism, but our main trust is in God to bring those whom he wants to be part of our fellowship. I have witnessed those who have real longing to be in a true body of Christ, finding our Church. Just like how Jesus kept hiding himself but people seeking healing found him. It is based on the need of their heart they will find a true body of believers.

It is written that Herod kept trying to find Jesus but he could never find him. The leaven of Herod is wordliness.

Now answering why Satan will persecute a church of such small number of believers whom most of the worldly Christians do not care about? The answer is in Job, why did Satan sought the permission of God to persecute Job who was the only blameless man living in that generation?

2 Timothy 3:12-Indeed, all who desire to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

Starting from Job who lived before the time of Abraham to our time, true body of believers, will get persecuted. Even in the book of Revelation, the only 2 out of 7 churches that stood for God were persecuted Churches. Satan only cares about those who wants to take a stand for the Lord even if they are few in number.

Among multitudes of So called Christians who sit in dead denominational Churches where Jesus is present outside, there will be true disciples of Jesus who will be longing to be part of his body. They will suffer persecution.

I do not believe 99.99% of so call Christians today will ever be persecuted. Because they do not want to live Godly life. They are already compromising. What is the use of persecuting them to test whether they will compromise, when they are already compromising their faith for worldly luxury?

Irrespective of which preachers say that all Christians will suffer persecution, I will believe what Bible says, only those who want to live a Godly uncompromising life will suffer persecution.

I know this because I sufferred persecution for my faith when I came out of Hinduism. If I wanted to be a compromise then none including my own parents or siblings would have ever treated me the way the did.


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Thank you for the replies, everyone, especially Sree---thank you for your transparency! God bless you, brother.


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