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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The Trojan Horse of LGBT Concepts, and the Lack of Gospel Transformation

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 Re: The Trojan Horse of LGBT Concepts, and the Lack of Gospel Transformation

I believe part of the problem is the unscriptural habit of stratifying sin i.e. some sins are somehow more wicked than others.
But it is not so.

Adultery is every bit as wicked as gluttony, lying, outbursts of anger, unbridled speaking, worldliness etc.

It is therefore no wonder that if we cherish some 'acceptable' sin in our own lives, we are in effect denying the power of God to change human nature.

Our 'gospel' as you rightly put it, is therefore powerless. Our preaching and music may be doctrinally sound, but still powerless to raise true believers.

I believe this is where most of the American evangelical church have been camping for as long as they can remember.

The lgbt issue is just highlighting this sad fact.


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Hi Yuehan and other posters

It is really refreshing seeing these posts, i can clearly see that the Cudd has been chewed and separated. Christians need to see it from this perspective and not get lost in the fruit they see with their eyes. I know from my own witnessing experiences that the reason their is a strong hatred is because people see the obvious with their fleshly eyes and judge wrongly but when we are humble and see whats behind all of this and see that we are all vunerable to sin without Christ as our shield.

The truth must always be from a point of love. I use to really hate homosexuals because i was raped as a boy and blamed every homosexual for that but after God healed me I saw many of the same struggles i had in life such as rejection, loneliness and doing things to fill the blank in my heart. I tried this by sleeping with many different women but it never fixed my loneliness in my heart. It was Christ who gave me water so that i would never thirst again and as i started ministering to others i had practicing Homosexuals come to my study group. To cut a long story short one of these Guys has turned his life over to Christ and really changed his life not because he was told to by people but because God gave him his water so he wouldn't thirst again.

I also found that with most sins people have patience with and help new believers grow where as with Homosexuals they expect them to stop straight away and marry the opposite sex.

karl rashleigh

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