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 Return of the Lord

Hello, i have a question..or maybe a is true Christ cannot return until the abomination of desolation sits in the holy place, right? i think it is..and not until the shortened trib days happen..(my understanding is the antichrist ruling in some temple in jerusalem acting as God). The reason i think that, is because It says 'pray (meaning talking to belivers, obviously before rapture) that your flight be not in winter, or on the sabbath, (flight meaning belivers commanded to flee (those in judea) into mountains) right away when they see the antichrist..which is not far off i think. Reason to flee (in my conviction) is the terrible tribulation days, we're not believe the false prophets, false christs, false signs and wonders etc. But seems to indicate we should wait it out until rapture..matt.24.

So its exciting because i believe the beginning of sorrows has been underway for some time, and the only thing left is antichrist showing and the shortened trib days. Amen

Wesley John Haakenson

 2016/10/16 22:20Profile

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