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 Remembering the Jesus People Revival of the early '70s

I've been reading from a book about the Jesus People movement of the 70s entitled "God's Forever Family" by Larry Eskridge and have been moved by the many happenings that went on during that revival. I wanted to share stories of miracles of God multiplying food that I found heart-warming. I think you will agree.

Marlon Finley remembered being at a Christian commune in Paducah, Kentucky, and seeing “one box of beef stroganoff . . . [feed] twelve people to capacity.” Brad Davis was living at a “discipleship house” run by the Agape Force in Southern California and claimed that more than thirty young people were fed by a single can of tuna. Kent Philpott recalled an incident at the Soul Inn in San Francisco in which he claimed that a single can of beef stew cooked over a hot plate fed dozens of homeless hippies—an experience that left him reaching for the phone years later to verify with a former coworker that he had not simply dreamed the incident.

Within the ranks of the Shiloh organization, “the PBJ miracle” was a famous story of God’s provision in the group’s early days. One afternoon, Cathy Stewart recounted in a 1977 issue of Shiloh Magazine, she and another sister in the House of Miracles in Fontana, California, made a number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their housemates’ lunch. Having planned for two sandwiches per person, they were dismayed to suddenly see “all these people from the Riverside house [charge] in the front door.” They were amazed that, when all was said and done, no one had gone hungry:

When we went into the dining room to clean up, a whole bunch of sandwiches were left on the platters. It was like seeing something you knew logically couldn’t exist. Everyone had two [sandwiches] and some brothers had eaten six or seven. It was just like the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

James K. Foley belonged to a communal house ministry in Burlington, Vermont, that reported a similar experience. Foley claimed that “at one meal . . . 24 pieces of chicken were put in front of 20 people; everyone had at least one piece, some as many as four, and there were nine pieces left over. No, you wouldn’t believe it even if you saw it!”

Neat, huh? I was saved during this period of time and it was a breath of fresh air. The times today are very bleak. So many young people are totally agnostic/atheistic and consider Christianity as hateful and ignorant. My heart grieves. Let us pray for a revival come down from heaven and touch hardened hearts today, especially young people. I heard David Jeremiah say that pretty much all revivals in history started with the young people. Oh, let us humble ourselves and ask God to bend us and use us to bring Jesus to a lost world in need of light and life.


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 Re: Remembering the Jesus People Revival of the early '70s

Amen, there are some wonderful testimonies from those days, I myself was first introduced to the truth of the gospel and the power of God in 1973-74. Although I wandered far from God the seeds that were planted in those days would be watered by the Spirit in 2001 and glorious revival came to my own heart and life at that time.

The times today are indeed bleak but God remains the same, He never relents in recovering what's been lost. Let's wait upon Him for revival. It's said in the Bible that Isaac dug wells in the promised land, some of them still in use today 4000 years later. Let's dig some wells for our children and their children to drink from. O how the young people need to find satisfaction in Christ.

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

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