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 I long to be away!

Wrote this last night as I thought about the Lord and this world............bro Frank

I long to be away

I have flown in heavenly places
Yet still confined to earthly spaces
There's a part of me that has touched the skies
And with each touch another part dies

Two forces yet only one eternal part
One love that has forever filled my heart
The glory of the crimson tide forever changing me
Lifts me up then takes me down into the glassy sea

I stand enshrined in this mortal coat
Yet the Love of God itself keeps me afloat
Adrift and carried by the crimson tide
The Bridegroom ever beckons home the bride

In this world but surely not a part
To another Kingdom belongs my longing heart
This other Kingdom burns inside of me
As it carries me into the glassy sea

As I approach the glory to be found
I find myself once more on Holy ground
A place where I will find eternity
A place that lies in the midst of the glassy sea

Oh longing heart with wings you must take flight
And lift me from perpetual fleshly night
And deliver me to where my Saviour reigns
A place where at my feet lies broken chains

 2016/9/20 16:45

 Re: I long to be away!

Awesome and me both btw...blessings to you my friend!!!

 2016/9/20 17:35

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 Re: I long to be away!

Amen! Beautiful, brother! Thank you for sharing your gift with the church.

The cry of the heart that you have described is one only known by those who are known by God and have the earnest of the Spirit in them.

May the Lord Christ bless you with an increase of His rule by the Spirit in your heart!

~ Forrest

 2016/9/20 19:19Profile

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