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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Leviticus holy/unholy, clean/unclean; shaping of our nations future by Dan Biser

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 Leviticus holy/unholy, clean/unclean; shaping of our nations future by Dan Biser

Leviticus 15:31, "Thus shall ye separate the children of Israel from their uncleanness; that they die not in their uncleanness, when they defile My tabernacle that is among them"
Leviticus 16:17 "Make an atonement for himself, and for his household, and for all the congregation of Israel"
Leviticus 18:25 And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity, thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants."

As you can tell I am coming through Leviticus in my Bible readings and these verses spoke to me in light of our nation, the prayer movement and what's coming for our future. Let us look at where we are right now and make sure that our prayer lives are covering the great need for our future. too often we pray for the 'here and now' and never for 'what shall be'.

There is this continuous attitude and belief that the church is ok, that many Christians are ok. And this just couldn't be farther from the truth. How can we at any time view the holiness and glory of God and look upon our carnal, worldly, lifestyles as anything but a failure in the eyes of God. Thank God for mercy and grace because sure without it, none of us would remain. Yet we view the church and our own walk in light of what we perceive instead of what God sees.

the other night in reading Pilgrim's Progress with the boys we came across Christian and Hopefuls conversation over the statute of Lot's wife. Such a profound and moving point was made, 'she was delivered from one judgment but fell at the next. How much more should we with one look behind, we should have been judged." It is through the Lord's sovereignty of lovingkindness, gentleness, and longsuffering that we are not consumed. yea, though in part our failure is that too many thinks that sin can continue without any judgment or wrath.

1. Judgments upon us: This could not be further from the truth. Judgments are ramping up; even though and in spite of the great prayer agenda and movement ramping up. and what is happening is setting the state for our future. Here are the judgments happening right now; killing 1,000's and impacting millions:
--abortions deaths are over 1 million per year;
--murders of cops and cops shooting citizens; 1 cop per week seems to be the average; at this rate it is impacting the mind set and response of all law enforcement; the hate and disregard for law enforcement is mounting as well; mix the two together and you have civil unrest and the worst is yet to come;
--drug overdoses; they cant even get a handle on the stats per week or month; but a (very) round stat number is 100's per week in death; 1000's per week in overdoses; huge impact on every fabric of society, family and structure; one area impact the others from schools, to work, to churches, to homes to the individual life choices;
--public executions; Now under this title you should know by now that I mean school shootings, church, work, homes, streets; first school shooting of the year happened last week in TX as the shooter attempted to kill another, only wounding and then taking her own life (murder-suicide);
--murder-suicides; this plague of evil has continued in steady motion for years in out and out of the communities and cities; what a devastation left behind with family and those close to them;

All of these are referencing the impact of evil on the minds and hearts of the people to do such evil deeds. These are happenings that are not to be named among us. But they are the norm. they happen in such a way that Satan continues to show his power and twisting on the ways of man to commit evil. the church is powerless against this, for they fail to see what it is and fail even more to combat it. This is the battle over lifestyles and choices; this is not against flesh and blood, but against the power of hell. This is spiritual battleground.

2. Future Trends: the ways of man are becoming consistent in evil; We see the continuous deluge of drug overdoses, deaths and use. Laws are being past to accept, permit and legalize.
--it is a pattern to legalize sin and abominations; abortion, removal of bible reading from public school; alcohol useage; now drugs; homosexuality & marriage; what is coming before the Supreme Court is polygamy; then it will be young teens allowed to be married off or married to from age 12 - 18;
--the continued state of abuse is heightening in every facet of society; Young children are molested, raped, sex slaves and neglected in 'norm' 'decent' 'moral' upbringing. Accountability by the church will be required when we knew of this and did so very little.
In the near future there is going to be an explosion of need for adoption, foster and orphans. A problem that is not being received well, but it will not tarry, for it is coming soon.
--lawlessness is happening at a rapid pace; This trend will only continue as the upheaval of tensions between cops and civilians happens;
--Zika and other viruses and plagues will continue upon our landscape; we have only become to see the rise of legionaries disease return, Lyme disease and its impacts through ticks; cancer is escalating and Australia said for the first time ever, cancer deaths have surpassed heart failures.
--weather phenomena will continue in flooding, fires, and disasters and calamities;
--the continued assualt against religious freedom has diminished somewhat, but evil is always active against God's people; We can only assume that laws, lawsuits, acceptance of evil will continjue and impact the church. And as we have seen the 'watering down' of Gospel to the already introudced evils of our society, this will only increase. somewhere the church has to draw the line in the sand and say, " NO FURTHER"
--Satanic and demonic possession is very little mentioned in our society or the church; except as reference to Jesus healing of them; But this reality is upon us and makes up our society of all these atrocities we are dealing with in murder, assualt, abuse, evil. We will continue to see this, for Legion has come and I don't know one true exorcist in the church today. We have dismissed all this evil for 'culture'; 'high scholarly definitions'; 'environment'; etc. It is as if we are too high minded to acknowledge 'evil is present'; and it is in the form of demonic possession. 'They knew not that evil was near them'. This will increase in severity, for the gates are open and there is none to stop them.

These patterns of assaults through multiple ways are the judgments of God against a nation that has sought unclean & unholy ways over clean and holy. We have aborted the right ways fo God for the ways of humanism, decisionism and fleshly attainment. We have abandoned love of God for love of this world. We are guilty, yet for the most part these things are never confessed, yearned over nor pleaded for before the throne of God for mercy and restoration.

and even the heart cry for revival praying is more so , to get us out of trouble than to restore His glory and holiness. Things are bad and getting worse, so let's pray and make the bad better, is the implied attitude of the church. Yet the sin is never atoned for, never dealt with, and never relinquished except faintedily.

3. the Prayer Movement: as we have shared and spoken of repeatedly throughout this year, the prayer movement is on unparalleled happenings. We have seen more activity of prayer this year than multiple decades combined. Now it is with the increased hope that when God sets His people to pray, revival is soon to follow. And with that we have seen a multiple setting of outpourings of regeneration. Not revival. . . just regenerations.

--Revive Our Hearts this September for ladies in Indianapolis (?);
--tony Evans hosting a Solemn Assembly in Dallas Sept (21);
--Awakening Alliance and other groups coming together at the end of Oct in Washington DC;
--One Cry prayer movements in GA;

Somewhere, and this is my concern and belief, that we get sick and tired of praying the prayer rudiments that has been taught and passed down in these gatherings, and there falls a fervent, urgent plea with God for His holiness to be restored upon His church. Most prayer meetings are superficial with 'saying prayers' and over 90% for physical needs, with little heart praying and spiritual concerns. When we realize the guilt of the above verses as His church there will be an cry of neceissity for atonement and plea for His glory Shekinah. The prayer movement has to understand the danger of how much trouble we are in and how God's Spirit is grieved and quenched from among us. so much so, that the emergency of the hour will prevail in the cry's, tears, anguish of the soul for offence against Him and the absolute necessity for restoration as His bride.

In this right state of praying, atoning for our sins (the depth of our iniquity), true repentance and conversions, and a resolve to not abandon the right ways of God, no matter what, God will be intreated with us and return to us. 'If you return to Me, I will return to you." God is making a way for us to see revival, for us to return to holiness. But it seems there is this movement running along side the remnant that are racing to the throne of grace, and they seem to be like us, yet they are not. a true picture of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Because there end result is not God's glory and holiness; but their end result is happiness and success. Motive and intent is everything in discerning these happenings.

But suddenly God can come and undo all this evil, restore His bride and pour out His fullness. I have listened to J. Edwin Orr recently and been so encouraged what God has done. And I know with fullness He is able to do it again. But the ways and means that they secured before those days of our outpouring I do not see upon this current prayer movement.

the land is vomitting us out, faster than we can reach them for Christ. Let us examine our ways and take heed and return to the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and body. Confessing, repenting in fulness to be like Christ. Let us make atonement for ourself, for our homes, for our churches and for our nation. It is defiled and our Judge stands at the door. Oh what bliss can our future be with Christ; but oh what anguish our future can be without Christ.

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