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 God truly trims branches

I'd just like to share an experience that has shown me the work of God in the local church.

I am a member of a small town church. The person that pastored our church grew up there and when he got out of seminary assumed he would pastor that church. Well, with the right "friends" that did happen. Many years went by and attendance always stayed around 18 to 25 people on a sunday morning. I am now a Deacon in the church and two other Deacons and myself decided that through much prayer we needed to explain to the pastor that he needed to step it up a bit. He did nothing with the kids, he never visited, and he spent a lot of time in the pulpit talking about himself. When we approached the pastor with this simple request to get to know the kids a little, start visiting some, and more or less be a little more positive, ...he got mad a quit.
For Eight months the Deacons of the church filled the pulpit along with some visiting layspeakers. In August of 2000 a pastor came to us who was leaving his current church because the Deacons there, one woman especially, were trying to tell him what and what not to preach.
\This pastor told us Deacons that for eight months now the Holy Spirit has been persuading him to contact us about preaching in our church.
Well, to make a long story short, ...we hired "PD" and our church has never been the same. Or should I say, It will never be the same again. After a few years, our attendance has gone from 18 to 90 on Sunday. We have more kids than ever. Our parking lot has been expanded to three times it's origianal size. We bought new pews and placed them in front of the old ones.
I could go on and on but I think you understand what I'm saying. God truly does trim and it truly does work for His good and the good of HIs Kingdom. Amen.

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 Re: God truly trims branches

To God be all Glory, Honor, and Praise.
Thanks for sharing this.
God Bless.
Nellie :-)

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 Re: God trims the branches.....

....who will be next?

 2005/6/5 8:05

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