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 Same as King David, Seeking Honest People Across the Nation.

Have liked, read, listened to David Wilkerson's sermons a few decades , on/off as able....
Have of course devoured Scripture (working on regaining "First Love" like as David's sermon about this realizes too)
honor Jesus above all, and keep Him foremost, first, center with a single eye upon the Father in heaven - pure heart as He grants from heaven.

Always, daily, watching, testing, (testing a lot), seeking likewise true believers wherever they may be ....
Daily, Excruciating, Delivering, Testing what is the Will of God....

being delivered daily like sheep - "we are slaughtered daily" is so true today, as it was when Scripture was written...

Gathering with Jesus and His Followers "outside the gates"
joyously and willingly
suffering persecution, shame, humiliation with Him as He says we would ..... laying down our lives for one another.

Abiding in His Word, Praying Constantly,
Healing the sick, casting out demons, destroying the work of the enemy (casting down idolatry/ idols) ...

As Jesus said "I would take you and your children under My Wings ..... " .... just be willing! (Jerusalem was not willing at that time.)

A faithful remnant, called and chosen by Yhwh.
Shalom, shalom,
His (Jesus) servant forever,

 2016/9/14 18:01

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