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 Biblical cosmology


"Flat Earth in The Scriptures Uncontested. Does the bible say the earth is flat
Revealed truth

Remember, what the apostle Paul said, "but test (or prove) everything; hold fast what is good!" (1 Thes 5:21 ESV)
Christians should not be afraid of investigating for the truth."

Edited to add quotation marks since those are not my words but the words accompanied by the video.

 2016/9/11 21:56

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 Re: Biblical cosmology

I can imagine millions of people rolling their eyes over this video. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the work of unbelievers trying to make Christians look foolish. We even have photos of Earth from satellites, moon missions, etc. that clearly show the Earth is a SPHERE.

P.S. I don't mind being ridiculed for believing the "foolishness of the cross". I am not trying to look good in the eyes of the world. But believing in a flat Earth is just plain wrong and false. The Biblical verses used to show a flat Earth are very weak and tepid. Not only do these people believe in a flat Earth but they also believe that the Earth is completely stationary and the Sun, stars and all planetary bodies revolve around the Earth.


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I wonder what would be our world view if we were living 200 years ago and only have the Bible and our own eyes as source of information...

 2016/9/11 22:18

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 Re: Isaiah 40:22

double post

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 Isaiah 40:22

Isaiah 40:22 : "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,..."

John Gill 1697-1771 :

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,.... Or, "the globe (z)" of it; for the earth is spherical or globular: not a flat plain, but round, hung as a ball in the air; here Jehovah sits as the Lord and Sovereign; being the Maker of it, he is above it, orders and directs its motion, and governs all things in it:

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 Re: John Gill

This is addressed in the video

 2016/9/11 22:32

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 Re: Biblical cosmology


Are you suggesting that you believe the earth is flat? I can't tell from your post.

I hope you don't believe such nonsense but again I can't tell from your posts.


 2016/9/12 0:02Profile

 Re: Todd

I did not tell you to believe it, I told you to examine it. Can examining something hurt you? I will believe what is proven to me. Thanks for the input.

 2016/9/12 0:19

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I have looked into this matter a bit - and I came across the interview I linked below. I haven't listened to it yet, but I plan to very soon. I believe the scientist in it is a Christian, and I think he is in the "God of Wonders" video.

I just thought it would be good to check out:

~ Forrest

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I don't live or did not live 200 years ago. If you have ever been to 35000 or 40000 feet in an airplane, you can see the curvature of the earth. If the earth is flat I am being deceived along with 1000s of others astronauts, pilots, camera's from space. Personal testimony from space and pictures prove the earth is a globe, and for an object to be in space and travel over the same spot on earth, the object has to be in perfect sink at a certain speed to keep up with the earths rotation, (satellite tv) The satellites speed proves the earth is round and rotating. At a hundred and twenty miles above the earth, the object has to travel pretty fast, but some objects are hundreds or thousands of miles in orbit, to keep up with the earths rotation it has to move with the surface of the earth and go round and round.

I don't think anybody knew this 200 or 2000 years ago.

In Christ: Phillip


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