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 The Thirty Day Challenge

God seems to be stirring up the hunger for his word in those who are wanting to seek Him. Also because of the urgency of the hour some believers are being stirred in their hearts to get as much of the word of God as possible in their hearts and hinds. Particularly if Bibles become inaccessible during times of persecution.

John MacArthur and Chuck Swindoll have recommended reading through a book of the Bible in 30 days. This particular works well with the New Testament. Particularly some of the shorter New Testament letters. The longer books such as the gospels can be divided into shorter segments to be read in a 30 day setting.

The article below gives some excellent suggestions on how to incorporate the 30 day program of reading through a book of the Bible.


The "30 Days" Bible Study Method

By Andy Deane

This Bible study method is almost self-explanatory – but also worth explaining or you might not use it! Personally, I feel that this Bible study method is one of the most exciting—it is also one of the simplest! In short, it consists of choosing a New Testament book and reading it every day for a month. Reading the same book for thirty days will help you develop a deep understanding and familiarity with the text; you will begin to know it better than you ever have before, and will be able to identify and quickly locate passages within the book.
This study method is one that has become a part of my daily life. I usually do my devotions in the morning before the day’s distractions begin. However, I was looking for a Bible study that would help me refocus my thoughts onto the Lord at the end of the day—this study is the perfect fit for me. It has not replaced my devotional life, but it has become a great way to bring my mind back to Him at the end of each day.

Too Much Time and Work

It may sound like a lot of effort to read a whole book of the Bible every day, but is it really? One night when I didn’t feel like I had the strength or time to read the entire book of Ephesians, I decided to time myself in order to see how long it actually does take to read the book. I didn’t do this to show off how fast I can read, (I’m an average reader) I did it to prove to myself that reading a few chapters of Scripture really doesn’t take that much time. I did it to quiet my flesh! What I learned was that it only took me fifteen minutes to read the entire book at a normal pace. It’s hard to justify not having fifteen minutes to devote to reading God’s Word. So, if chapter your flesh is saying it’s too much to read a whole book of the Bible, maybe you should time yourself. I think you will be surprised to discover just how little time it really takes.

How to Do It

For the shorter epistles, reading the whole book in one sitting works great, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid studying the gospels or any of the longer epistles. If you choose to read a longer book, you can simply limit that month’s reading to about seven chapters. The following month, continue reading the next seven chapters. It may take a few months to complete the book this way, but it will be worth the effort.

Does It Get Boring?

This method could become boring, but with a little discipline and variation, your time in God’s Word will be fresh and exciting, every day. Below are a few hints that may help you overcome any feelings of repetition:

Read the book aloud.

Read it in different translations and try reading a paraphrase.

Change locations—read at a coffee shop or while on a walk.

Listen to the book using an MP3 audio version of the Bible.

Watch a DVD version of the Bible, which allows you to hear the Scriptures while reading the words on the screen.

Partner with someone else, and take turns reading the chapters.

Print out the entire book and mark it up with colored markers.

Use your imagination. Some days I focus on finding my top ten favorite verses in the book. Then I’ll choose a few of them to memorize that month. Other days I’ll read commentaries on one chapter of the book along with my normal reading of the entire book. Sometimes I download messages from my favorite pastors who have taught verse-by-verse through that book, and I read along as I listen. What I’ve found is that when I get excited about being able to familiarize myself with a book of the Bible in just thirty days, I discover a number of creative ways to keep that time in the Word fresh.

Try It This Month

Why not give it a try for one month? I know if you do, you’ll be hooked! It is an exciting way to study the Bible. Believe me—you’ll be recommending this approach to people soon.

As you can see the article above gives different ways someone can read or even listen to a book of the Bible. There is no binding legalistic approach here. What a wonderful way that one can get a book of the Bible into their mind and heart in about 30 days.

Since we are still 7 Days end of the month this would be a wonderful monthly challenge for the month of September if one would like to try it.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2016/9/7 8:30

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: The Thirty Day Challenge

It takes me approx 30 minutes to drive to work and sometimes I listen to the Bible. It's hard to concentrate on the listening and driving at the same time (ADD) but I try.

Here is a links for some other Bible reading studies too, it's about reading the Bible for breadth.

SI: MUST READ: Read the Entire bible in 26 Days!

God bless Bear and thank you for this to get me started again!


 2016/9/7 8:43Profile

 Re: My Own Personal Challenge

Personally I am taking the 30 day challenge. It only makes sense since I'm posting this on the Forum urging others to consider this.

On September 1st I started listening to 1st Peter. This is a book which deals about the suffering of believers. Since I facimitate a prayer ninistry that prays for the persecuted I wanted to get this book into my heart and mind. My desire was to be able to pray verses out of 1st Peter over the brothers and sisters and and restricted Nations. Even the pray over those brothers and sisters in our nation in the persecution that will soon come upon us. Also my desire is to have the word of God stored in my heart and mind to be able to encourage those in persecution. But my greatest motivation for warning to get 1st Peter into my inner man was simply out of a love for the Lord Jesus Christ. This should always be our highest motivation and doing anything for Jesus.

Since I am legally blind 2200. My preferred method of taking in God's word is listening to it. I am an oral person. So I started listening to 1st Peter in the morning hours. It takes me about 15 minutes to listen to the whole book. Sometimes I will read it along with the audio Bible. Just getting the double portion or the double blessing of taking in this marvelous book by the ear and the eye gate.

Even after 7 Days of listening to it the Lord is starting to show me patterns in this book and verses are jumping out at me. (I would have to start a separate thread on "Perusing Through First Peter".:))

I find myself starting to s
share the scripture truth almost word-for-word when I'm in conversation with other people. I'm not making a conscious attempt to memorize the book. Just to get it into my inner man.

The book you choose is up to you and the leading of the Holy Spirit. You may choose Philippians or Colossians shorter than even 1st Peter. Two wonderful books that have marvelous truth contained in them. But as Nike says just "do it".

Your goal should not be to do an inductive chapter analysis of the book you're reading or listening to. But simply let the word of God wash over you and get the book into your heart and mind. Bible study can come later.

Brothers and sisters I hope you might try this 30 day challenge. Please feel free to come and post on this thread. I will also share my progress as I pray that 1st Peter will become a part of me and I will become a part of it.

"BB" stands brother Blaine

 2016/9/7 8:53

 Re: Lisa

Your welcome sister and thanks for the recommended links that you posted. There are many wonderful plans to follow to get the word of God into us. As Nike would exhort, "Just do it".


 2016/9/7 8:57


Just listened to 1st Peter. It takes about 17 minutes to listen to it. That is if you listen it from either YouVersion or Gateway. Anyone with normal vision one can probably read through it faster.

But definitely a plan like this is doable for a person who would commit himself to simply reading through one of the shorter books of the New Testament once a day. And do this with 30 days. Or imagine the benefit one would get if they would read the book say once in the morning and once in the evening for 30 days.

I hope some will be led to try this and post how God is blessing them on this thread.


 2016/9/7 13:51


Great point, Sister Lysa...

You remind me of ALLLL of the discretionary thinking time availed to us (when we zone out into auto-activity mode), not only via our transiting and commutes, but also

- laundry (at ALL stages)
- grooming (esp. if you are a lady, like me, who enjoys DIY mani / pedis)
- taking care of pets
- dishes
- household chores, in general
- laying upon your rooftop stargazing

And, as bearmaster and Lysa referenced, we now have the technology to invade our discretionary thinking time with God's Word...

Now, I've got to take inventory and commit to this...

Love-in-Christ, with AN EVERLASTING LOVE...

...that will never, ever, ever cease,


 2016/9/7 16:18

 Re: John 6: 6

and yet...

"Lord, this is a hard saying"

In the most sincere application of this 30-Day NT challenge...

My flesh fights against it WAYYYY MORE than it does:

(a) when listening to the OT scriptures????? How?

(b) when I'm hearing as opposed to reading???

(b2) b/c these teachings are straight from the mind, heart and lips of Christ (just in Matthew) and are soooo hard to hear (Oh my gosh!)...

bearmaster describes the effect as akin to letting His Spirit "wash over you"

(c) I feel like my spirit is drowning (at first) in His Words...His sayings are HARD and gentle...ESP. if you Pay Attention to what you are hearing!!! Then, quenched...

(d) b/c of this, I have to pray for mercy in the midst of hearing (reading mind is not available to play it's cognitive tricks)

(e) (again, JUST 8 chapters into listening to Matthew) in hopes that this will get easier and feel better once I stop holding my palms over my ears repetitiously screaming "hear no GOOD...hear no GOOD...hear no GOOD...etc."

(f) this is hard...harder than learning several new Rosetta Stone languages simultaneously (in which I thought I was already developing fluency)...

(h) I need to keep a journal if I am gong to get through this

(i) See, He JUST described EXACTLY what I am going through in Matthew 13: 14 onwards (I am tempted to pick up and read it too, but no...I don't want the type of ears that Isaiah's prophecy warns)...

I dare not attempt this challenge without praying BEFORE and AFTER I go "hearing" (sigh)

 2016/9/8 12:05

 Re: Stream-of-Consciousness hearing

It is such a blessing to have access to hear all of these sermons...

but, a hear it straight from the source...

sometimes all of these sermons and exposition commentaries, gives me too much "padding" and I can't get the FULL BLOW of His straight Word (according to The Word, itself), not merely according to:

- Wilkerson
- Stedman
- Zacharias
- Tozer
- Mohler

God bless them allll for their gifts of teaching and preaching, but NOTHING like the blessing (blow) of hearing an "uninterpreted" straight source...


P. S.

And He JUST did it AGAIN (right in the midst of hearing, Matthew 15), His Word recites EXACTLY what is on my heart, mind and spirit (in the very midst of "hearing"!!!),

Matthew 15: 6 - 9: In this way, you have revoked God’s word[f] because of your tradition. 7 Hypocrites! Isaiah prophesied correctly about you when he said:

8 These people[g] honor Me with their lips,
but their heart is far from Me.
9 They worship Me in vain,
teaching as doctrines the commands of men.”

 2016/9/8 12:28

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 Re: The Thirty Day Challenge

That's wonderful Blaine, God has done a similar thing in my quiet time with 1 John and 1st and 2nd Peter. For me it took a lot longer than 30 days. Each day it was anywhere from 1 verse to a chapter to the whole book. A day may bring a single insight or a handful. These times are very, very precious.

Listening while driving can be distracting. I used to listen to sermons while working a delivery job. Very often I would refocus on what was being said and discover I had missed 10 or 20 minutes and have to rewind to try to pick it up again. A few years ago I started listening on longer walks, especially at night. It has borne a lot of good fruit.

 2016/9/14 23:34Profile

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