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Precious bro. Phillip,

I do not believe God feels about death, as we do.
I believe He has a different mind-set...His ways are higher than ours.
He loves us,....encredably. ....His great purpose,as we all know,is to The Spiritual,being.Making us His,that He soooo does not want to exercise His wrath on us,...does not want us to perish,...went at GREAT lengths,to help us,by His only begotten Son.

His grief is our rebellion / disobedience,.....our unwillingness to die to our will.
We are always willing,as long as it does not go against our will,....But that is the purpose,it always does.We refuse to die.and there can never be a
resurrection, except there be a death. .....Lovers of The Spiritual things,lovers of God.

And the kingdom of God is,The resurrected Lord in us,...He said it is the Fathers good pleasure to give us The kingdom.
God is Spirit,and things of the Spirit is His heart,...transforming us into His image, His Spirit.

Look at Steven,God did not get him out of his suffering,as he spoke the
Lord' heart,....his whole heart was for God,and not this life,...and God saved him to the utter most,...He brought Steven all the way through and out the other side,still IN Him.

The Lord refines those that are His.

The Father, God,had His Son riding in on a colt,...The King of His everlasting kingdom.

Many thinking that ,..He would have,maybe ride in on a beautiful
Stallion,..but no..His ways are not like our ways, that is why we must seek the mind of The Lord.

We KNOW that whatever God does is right / rightious,...always.

I am speaking things that are in my heart.
Not speaking down,

Much love in Him,

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Thank you Elizabeth, I am willing but am weak when it comes to obeying, God has to really shake me and still I don't conform to His will. Praise God for Jesus Christ, He is my only chance.

Next time He comes to this earth He will be on a Great White Stallion and we will be with Him. Can't wait.

His love comes flooding in when you speak, Elizabeth Ann is my favorite female name. Not flirting just coming from my heart in Christ:



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Joined: 2011/8/14
Posts: 1075


Thank you Bro,
Your kind words are appreciated.

May our God bless you more and more,with Himself,....
And me too...

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 Re: Why? Simple. Sorry no one answered, apparently.

I'm having awkward time navigating - the order of the posts and where is Lysa's original post?
I'm 'new' today to this forum,
I'm old, and once was young, and never have I seen Yhwh forsake the righteous.
Yhwh's answer is clear from Scripture.
Also simple.

I think the forum directions prevent a direct answer here though. (the straightforward Scriptural answer.)
Hopefully not.... but I'll wait a little while, maybe a week, before answering more fully - partly to see if anyone still is seeking Yhwh's Kingdom (here/ reading this forum) (I don't know/ don't have any idea if there's 3 members or 30, or 300 or 3000 --- or how many read this)...
Not that the number matters at all....
rather are there any disciples reading , disciples of Jesus?
Followers of Jesus ?

Even so, also, the outside 'authorities' - government censors , religious censors, so-called if it is there legal and moral oversight (George Orwell's 'Big Brother' ) ....

In the meantime, for anyone who wants
to know "why?"

Look up or find, Yhwh willing, Foxes Book of Martyrs and read it (online or in print).

In particular, read at least until you get to where the young girl ((an observer NOT SCHEDULED to be executed)) steps forward ((WILLINGLY with great JOY and NO FEAR))
and is immediately executed in place of
an older man who just before that renounced his faith in Jesus.

 2016/9/14 20:31

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