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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : To plummet the depths of a bottomless sea

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 To plummet the depths of a bottomless sea

To plummet the depths of a bottomless sea
That's filled with truth and love
To scale a mountain that has no top
Is to revel in the Father's love

To fly in a sky that has no end
And to fly with wings of a dove
Is to soar in updrafts of His majesty
To be carried on the winds of love

To live with the Love of God in me
To look through my Father's eyes
To have ears that hear what the Spirit says
Is to break all fetters and ties

To walk in such glorious freedom
Is to walk in the light from above
Neither chained nor shackled by earth's dim view
But free to walk in His love

To run and run and never grow weary
To be filled with impenatrable light
Means the world shall catch a glimpse of God
As it stumbles and falls in the night


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 Re: To plummet the depths of a bottomless sea

Beautiful brother Frank! Thank you


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