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 To Jend: Teachings of Paul and Jesus

Jend: I wanted to address your OP in your other thread, but thought you might not come back to read it. I agree with Collins and others who say that this website you reference is in serious error and should be avoided.

You seem to be a man who is serious about your walk with God and about being used of Him to bear fruit for the Kingdom. It excites me to see you stepping out on faith and simply taking Jesus at His word. We have been involved off and on in the work of a rescue mission here in Joplin and know that ministry somewhat well. A lot of precious souls who are lost and in bondage.

There is some wisdom I think in the poster who said that Jesus taught more in the common language of the day and that Paul was more of an educator. Paul was extremely well educated for his day and at one time was on the fast track to becoming quite the leader among the Jews, until God intervened.

Jesus established the church. He is the head of the church. But He ordained the original apostles, and primarily Peter and Paul, to lay the foundation and begin construction. All of Paul's teaching is foundational. If a man will devote his time to reading and studying Paul's writing, he will find that it is really not quite as hard to understand as it seems at first glance, and really revolves around a small number of pivotal topics that are extremely important to NT Christianity.

Jesus said on several occasions that He was revealed through the law and the prophets. Paul was trained in the law and the prophets and no doubt had whole OT books memorized. If you read his writing carefully, he continually quotes OT passages. He has searched the law and prophets and he was able to bring out what they said about Christ.

It is totally true that the modern American church usually looks little like what we see in the NT. This is not because they are following Paul rather than Jesus though. It is because they are following their flesh more than they are following God, which is what both Jesus and Paul tried to warn against.

Blessings as you continue to fulfill God's call for your life. I pray you will see the dead raised and blind eyes opened. We are promised that these things will follow them that believe. Pursue Him, and let His power to minister to others follow that pursuit. I pray I will soon see these things come to pass in my life as well. I have had a taste of it, and desire to see God use me to minister to others. Set aside time to dig into all that is in the NT. I am constantly amazed at what God reveals to me as I study His word.


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