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 SERVING THE NEEDY by Claude Haude

Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” (see Mark 8:27). This question is fresh and immensely important today. What does our secular world think? What is its perception of the church in our modern world?

Please allow me to say this as clearly as I can, with kindness and straightforwardness, speaking the truth in love. My travels around the world have allowed me to meet thousands of leaders and I am in direct contact with their churches. I am often afraid that the modern church is softly and inexorably slipping into a sweet insanity. Dear reader, there are many definitions of insanity, one of the most pertinent being: “to continue to do the same thing in the same way over and over and expect a different result.” That’s insane!

Over 90 percent of North American churches have known no significant growth in 20 years, but we see no need to change anything!

Dear reader, Abraham, the father of faith, freed captives, fought for the poor, built wells, and fed the hungry. Hundreds of scintillating promises, stern warnings and clear commandments from Genesis to Revelation motivate, call and challenge us to serve the needy. Prophets and patriarchs in the Scriptures taught and modeled generosity. The history of the church shines the brightest when she dedicates herself to the defense of the oppressed and walks in her true calling and purpose. The Son of God incarnated all of the eternal, immutable, divine Trinity’s desire and intentions when He came among the poorest, fed the hungry multitudes, and healed every type of sickness and suffering.

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 Re: SERVING THE NEEDY by Claude Haude

Great article Brother Greg. One of the many problems with today's churches, is the leaders want you inside the walls, it's easier to control the sheep, and they do a great job. The leaders that live in million dollar homes,want you to believe they are distributing your tithe better than you can. If the church building locked their doors for a month and forced the congregation into the streets to clothe and feed the poor, they could probably stamp out hunger all over this world in record time. I often wonder how many could be clothed and feed, for what it cost to open the doors on a big church and pay the pastors salary, I'm guessing many. As long as the church has become complacent with just coming every Sunday and just setting and listening and trusting the shepherd with God's money, nothing will ever change.

Mr. Bill

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Yes very convicting indeed, never heard of the author but he is definitely onto something. I think you are right brother bill...what would happen if all the church doors were shut and no one was ever allowed to open them again? What would we all do? Would we simply just start meeting in homes instead and purpetuating the same things as before but this time in smaller groups ? The OP stated that we have a form of insanity happening right before our eyes...spinning our wheels...going through the motions. I tell you it's not a new form or a new model or a new system that we is fire upon the altar that we need. We need Gods powerful presence in our midst once again. The glory has departed or almost departed in most cases. Lord wake us all up and visit us once again so that you might have the preeminence in Your church once again.

 2016/8/27 18:15

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