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 Ezekiel's stunningly magnificent vision!

I'm at a conference right now in Ohio and we went over the first few chapters of Ezekiel tonight. As recorded in the first chapter, what a overpowering way the Lord appeared to his chosen mouthpiece Ezekiel! It is a stunner as you likely know but it became fresh again to me tonight. It's very powerful and full of meaning and insight. God appeared in many ways to His prophets and I found myself wondering why He came in such a powerful way to Ezekiel at this time but God is God.

Then came Ezekiel's commission and the accompanying prophetic temperment. Ezekiel had to obey to keep blood off of his own hands and was told go and preach even though they won't listen. He was told to not fear their faces and his message would cause Ezekiel to sit among briars and scorpions. Yet he was given a forehead of flint so as to not cave and fizzle at the reaction of the listeners. So with a truly prophetic calling (different from the gift of prophecy) comes the forehead of flint temperament. Many want to be prophets I have seen but they'll skip the forehead of flint fitting and molding.

The book of Ezekiel may be the most neglected of the prophetic books but there is much there to be recommended that is relevant today.

Blessings to everyone.

David Winter

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