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by savannah on 2016/8/25 7:51:32

Afflictions quicken us to prayer. It is a pity it should be so; but experience testifies, that a long course of ease and prosperity, without painful changes—has an unhappy tendency to make us cold and formal in our secret worship. But troubles rouse our spirits, and constrain us to call upon the Lord in good earnest—when we feel a need of that help which we only can have from his almighty arm. Afflictions are useful, and in a degree necessary, to keep alive in us—a conviction of the vanity and unsatisfying nature of the present world, and all its enjoyments; to remind us that this world is not our rest, and to call our thoughts upwards, where our true treasure is, and where our heart ought to be. When things go on much to our wish, our hearts are too prone to say, "It is good to be here!

John Newton

I Asked the Lord that I Might Grow by John Newton -

Mmmmmm, that is very, very good, Savannah. So true.

Philip, the Lord bless and strengthen you for all the tasks that you must do each day. And may He strengthen your inner man and draw you ever closer to Him.

2 Cor 4:16 For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.
2 Cor 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;
2 Cor 4:18 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

 2016/8/25 17:13

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 Re: Born Again fron above,..The Spirit / Word coming to Live in us

Dear Bro.,
I have been thinking on your post,caring,thinking and praying for you,
from time to time since you posted.And desiring that The Lord give me clear,Truth,thoughts to you.

I can only share what I have learned by experience,...what happen to me
when / how I was my born-again of The Spirit of God.

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Joined: 2011/8/14
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I am Sooo sorry,I must have clicked a wrong erea.

I did not entend to 'send' yet.
Please forgive.

Will try to continue now:

All I know,is when The Lord,through His Spirit,(Grace) started drawing me to Himself,...from the start,He began to show me,through The Spirit,one by one,things that I could not come in there with.

Some of the very first things He dealt with me about was ,I smoked and
cursed,..(said 'by-words)...I was born of the flesh,did works of the flesh.
Now,He wanted / pursued me too be born again.
His Grace was SO strong / heavy in drawing me,I felt I must,..although it was a travail.

I am sure many here,have changed and changed,from glory to glory.
But we do not stop,...we continue to go on in 'Faith',...( Faith:..hearing
and obeying)...the faith of Jesus:,..hearing His Father,God,and obeying.
Also Abraham's faith.

So I was born again of His Spirit,..and I was seeing the kingdom of God,
....( how The King,draws us to be transformed in His kingdom) and,at the time I did not even know it.

Sorry,but Could I please stop for tonight,late,..tired.

Hope to continue more.

Blessings to you Dear bro.Philip,

 2016/8/25 22:53Profile

 Re: The Witness of the Holy Spirit

oops double embarrassment:-)

 2016/8/25 23:30

 Re: The Witness of the Holy Spirit

You are very much loved here brother Phillip and we are praying that God would continue to minister to your heart as you work out your salvation with fear and trembling along with the rest of us. You are in good company, we are all in the same boat, no one is better than anyone else. When we look upon our own failings we can quite easily get discouraged I think. But that is the beauty of FAITH. We look to Jesus and we trust in Him for salvation...all of it. Justification, sanctification and the other one (glorification) which noone really talks about lol.

Just continue to pursue holiness without which no man shall see God. Keep asking God to shed more light on you - and lead you in the path of righteousness where He by His indwelling power, conforms you more and more into His image. Day by day, from glory to glory! It is an awesome life to be held by God as He fashions us into His likeness.

For any others that might be reading along, why would such a scriptural warning strike fear into anyone who considers themselves a believer? One thing I would say is that if we are doubting our salvation then we ought to seek God for assurance as it is no good seeking assurance from men, least of all complete strangers on the internet.

I do not think it is a stretch to suggest that a person might not indeed be born again, yet all the while professing Christ. In most christian circles today though, this is tantamount to blasphemy. I remember in one church service I attended, people were pulled out of their seats and told that they were saved because they had simply walked out the front. Just like that, no gospel, no Christ, no shed blood, no cross...just "you need to get saved" and BAM...they became instantly born again, or so they were told. But had they?

Before John Wesley came to faith in Christ and received the "witness of the Spirit" he considered that he was already a child of God, but something was missing. He had always considered himself a christian and believed the gospel but it wasn't until he was actually "born again" and had received the witness of the Spirit, did he really know the difference. There is an assurance of salvation that God gives to those who are truly born again. But until that actually happens we should not give seekers a false assurance.

The first time I ever heard anyone talk about this with such boldness was Paris Reidhead in his "So Great Salvation" series. I was very surprised to hear him say that he no longer tries to do the job of the Holy Spirit. In his words he states that there is only ONE person in the universe qualified to tell a man that he is born again and that is the Holy Ghost inside that man.

 2016/8/25 23:30

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